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This creamy cauliflower pasta with pecorino bread crumbs is too delicious not to publish. Alison Roman’s latest NYT Cooking recipe captures what you really want to eat – a big bowl of comforting pasta. Bonus: It’s vegetarian.



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16 Replies to “Alison Roman's Creamy Cauliflower Pasta | NYT Cooking”

  1. I come back to this dish and this video every so often, it's a staple now for me! Love and thank you Alison

  2. I cooked this and there's NO WAY she both has an entire head of cauliflower in her pan and cooked it all in the pan. It needs to be roasted first, or JUST the florets used. The core does NOT cook down and break down like whatever she's got going on here. Full stop. I call BS Alison Roman.

  3. Made it twice. Nice hint of lemon. Red pepper flakes worked great. You are right about the bread crumbs, why not add to every pasta dish, duh! Recommend a dutch oven instead of the skillet. The cauliflower frys or softens more effectively, and the residual heat is useful. Its not a delicate dish, more like a casserole so dutch oven works well. I used half and half once and whole milk once. Cream i am sure is better for a cheesier sauce but it works either way. Wondering what some butter would do.

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