All Star Series: Tyler Talk, Paris

Tyler, The Creator returns for another inspiring conversation at the 2022 Converse All Star Series in Paris. He is joined again by host Bimma Williams, special guests Dayanne Akadiri and Matthew Sleep, and a select group of internationally based members of the All Star community – a global network connecting young creatives to each other and the brand, via digital and physical experiences, commissioned work, and mentorship opportunities.

0:00 – Welcome
0:26 – Tyler & Discord
1:34 – Paris
10:58 – Life in Europe
13:26 – World Building
14:34 – Scoring a Fashion Show
17:31 – Creating Sneakers
25:45 – The GLF 2.0
32:42 – Creating with Small Budgets
33:44 – Modern Consumerism
37:37 – Creating as a Black Artist
41:46 – Perfectionism
48:13 – Designing Live Performances
50:28 – Pivoting
53:36 – Being Emotionally Vulnerable
57:09 – The Source of Tyler’s Ambition
1:00:56 – Confidence in your Art
1:02:50 – Tyler’s Producing Process
1:06:35 – Not Letting Others Define You
1:08:08 – Tyler’s Favorite Chair
1:11:30 – Crafting an Album
1:14:29 – Conclusion

10 Replies to “All Star Series: Tyler Talk, Paris”

  1. Tyler is top 5 most authentic “famous” people ever! Love this dude. Knew he’d be a star on Goblin

  2. Absolutely love this conversation just as much as the Los Angeles one, even though Tyler was clearly tired from his show. I love that he still makes an effort to answer these questions no matter if he thinks they're 'stupid' or not. I don't think he sees himself as a teacher, but he kind of is, he is teaching people how to just do life in better ways.

    Also, that random sexy ass British dude throwing everyone off at the end made me crack up 🤣🤣

  3. Love Tyler but him saying that everyone in Paris is nice to him is abit out of touch. Like ofcourse they are, he's a superstar. In general though ppl in Paris are kunts lol

  4. If anyone what’s to know what boards Tyler uses just go to reverb machine on YouTube. They show you what synths all the cool people use.

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