Mid-Century Home With The MOST UNIQUE Fire Pit | Flip or Flop | HGTV

Tarek and Christina get a lead on a Santa Ana, CA, home with midcentury architectural details that could sell for top dollar. This home has load-barring problems, junk everywhere, and needs a completely new layout. This remodel includes a mid-century modern interior and an amazing kitchen with an island, backsplash, and accent lights.
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20 Replies to “Mid-Century Home With The MOST UNIQUE Fire Pit | Flip or Flop | HGTV”

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  2. Hate that Terek takes money out of Isreals earnings. Hope that part is just scripted and not real. Housing prices in CA is why I did not return to CA, plus the horrific traffic.

  3. That's insane, $674K for an almost 1,300 sg. ft., 3 BD, 2 BA home in SoCal. At least the interior and the outdoor landscape looks tremendously better than before Tarex and Christina bought the house.

  4. Great colors in the living room, cool fireplace, nice kitchen cabinets and flooring. Um the fire cage is laughable ~ doesn’t seem relaxing. Is that the newest thing?

  5. This home was built in the middle of the last century, but it is NOT a Mid-Century Modern home.

  6. I wonder if they call in someone to take the good items to an auction or at least donate it to a worthy cause.

    The realtor price is outrageous

  7. They did a good job of preserving and enhancing the mid-century modern style of the home. Open ceiling rafters are iconic to the style. And woodgrain kitchen cabinets fit the real mid mod style too.

  8. They paid too much for the place in the first place.
    I hate the ceiling. It looks terribly unfinished. I wouldn't buy the place without the ceiling being drywalled.

  9. Although you did not make a huge profit, you did well by ensuring that the revamp is 100%. That is how you build yiur name.

  10. The bathtub tile just looked odd. The backyard redo is hit and miss. Hate the woodtone in the kitchen.

  11. They make sure the house is on the point despite having such low profit.. Bravo guys

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