Alton Brown's Vichyssoise Reloaded

From the lost season of Good Eats: Reloaded, the new and improved Vichyssoise recipe.

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10 Replies to “Alton Brown's Vichyssoise Reloaded”

  1. Why are these commercials for a new book among the best content on the internet? AB breaking paradigms again.

  2. Instead of whatever network says or does you could make all the epsiodes here. However long, whatever scripts or props you want. Make it a new QQ.

  3. Alton wouldn't it be wise to season the soup once it's cold because a perfectly seasoned soup when it's hot is not going to be the same cold.

  4. So I can't do the salmon ro allergic to shellfish fish and seafood. What could act as a replacement?

  5. I've used instant mashed potatoes before to great effect. Eliminates browning- which I noticed the leeks were caramelized to some degree when Alton dumped the potatoes in the pot. Many may not have noticed but after warning us not to do it Alton did it anyway….

  6. I agree with one of the other comments. I looooved Cutthroat Kitchen! It was a fantastic show! What the heck happened? It was a brilliant idea for a show!!

  7. I love celery leaves in a lot of my dishes. The ultimate "secret" ingredient. Makes tuna salad better by far (along with some fish sauce).

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