The fight to save Crocs

Crocs are the shoes that many people love to hate. Crocs’ stock has been steadily declining for the last five years. Can the new ad campaign with John Cena help the company gain momentum?


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25 Replies to “The fight to save Crocs”

  1. I have the blue one… I ts comfortable… At the beginning i didn t love the shape… But now i find it beautiful and easy to wear

  2. The problem is they last too long. They're virtually indestructible. I've trashed mine from day one, I couldn't have treat them much worse, and they're still solid 3 years later!

  3. I must have really bad taste because I think they're cool looking. Most medical shoes, now THERE are some ugly shoes!

  4. Minhas duas Crocs estão inutilizadas, correia de uma delas rompeu e o solado da outra descolou, comprei na loja autorizada do shopping center Recife e Manaíra shopping em João Pessoa, insatisfeito principalmente pela falta de compliance, por ter perdido as sandálias, estou tentando recuperar mas a que tem correia não há substituição e a que descolou o solado a colagem que mandei fazer em um sapateiro só durou um tempo.

  5. Those ain't the original classic clogs.. those white bands are really shitty and not durable, plus, no holes in the front = no easy liquid escape really. Real Classic clogs are so much better

  6. Recyclable plastic seems to be gaining more popularity than ever.. Is that a consideration from the manufacturing prospective? Would it be cost effective?

  7. Crocs are $30 and up but knock offs are like 99cents and $4.00 dollars so I can understand why


  9. Its sad adults berate other adults on what fucking shoes they wear. Wear whatever you want stop hating.

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