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  1. Would this work with jam or Biscoff as well? ❤ I just somehow got bored of Nutella

  2. Ingredients:
    180g greek yogurt
    150g self raising flour
    Egg wash (1 small egg + 1tsp milk)
    Icing sugar for dusting

    1) Mix together the greek yogurt and self raising flour to form a dough.

    2) Flour a clean surface and a rolling pin.

    2) Flatten the dough onto the surface and roll it out to 0.5cm thick.

    3) Cut the dough into disc shapes using a round cookie cutter.

    4) Add 1tsp Nutella to each disc.

    5) Stretch the edges and seal them well.

    6) Roll them into balls and brush them with egg wash.

    7) Put them in the air fryer (190°C) for 8 minutes until lightly golden.

    8) Dust them with icing sugar and serve warm.

    9) Enjoy!

  3. 1. My oven don't work so I only rely on my Air Fryer! ????

    2. These look HEAVENLY ❤

    3. My whole frickin family loves Nutella! ????????

    Thank you soo Much Fitwaffle!❤☺️ This recipe will be a must have for family events! ????❤

  4. Girl me and my cousin were so excited to see one of your cooking books in a shop and literally bought it without hesitation ????

  5. Very nice recipie! They looks amazing! I love nutella recipies! I try to make them! Have a nice day and good weekend! Have a nice day! ????????????????????

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