Amazon Kitchen Favorites 2022 #shorts

These are some of our Amazon kitchen favorites for 2022. In our links below are many more to be found! When we recently updated our kitchen, we added a few of our favorites. We love a good kitchen gadget, and being organized is a top priority for living spaces.

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❥Dishwasher Magnet:
❥Paper Towel Holder:
❥Spice Racks:

❥Lots more Kitchenware:
❥More Kitchen Organization Item:

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18 Replies to “Amazon Kitchen Favorites 2022 #shorts”

  1. I made one of those dishwasher magnets about 30 years ago. Too bad I didn't Market that LOL

  2. Had a friend have a magnet like that years ago, so we made one for our house 6 years ago, there have been towel holders like that for years that you can use a can of Rustoleum in any color on, the spice racks can be gotten at the local hardware store. All without overpaying and owning shipping.

  3. Thank you for your kitchen favorites. My husband and I are going to remodel our kitchen and I will use your ideas. ???

  4. I used 2 regular magnets from the dollar store and labeled them with clean or dirty for dishes.

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