Are Drop Ceilings the EASIEST DIY ceiling? | WORKSHOP RENOVATION 18

Learn how to install a drop ceiling, complete with LED troffer lights! Compared to drywall ceilings, drop ceilings are a super simple DIY project for your basement, garage, or unfinished space. // Get 70% OFF your next Huusk knife!

???? Materials Used On The Drop Ceiling Installation (affiliate):

Yuma White Ceiling Tiles:–DIY–Item491
Prelude Grid:–DIY–PreludeXL
Armstrong Ceilings Home page:–DIY–Home
2 x 4 Selectable LED Troffer Fixture :
Eye Lag Screws :
Sashco Lexel :

???? Tools Used On The Drop Ceiling Installation (affiliate):

Laser Level :
Aviation Snips :
Ceiling Grid Punch :
Lineman’s Pliers :
Eye Lag Screw Installation Bit :

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00:00 Drop Ceiling Materials
01:18 Tools for installing a drop ceiling
03:13 Starting Installation with Steel Beams
06:23 Installing Wall Molding
07:33 Deciding On Layout
08:28 Installing Main Beams
09:32 Installing Cross Tees
10:38 Working with Curved Walls
12:06 Cutting Cross Tees
13:03 Adding LED Troffer Lights
13:32 Building A Stopping Point
14:17 Cutting Outside Corners
15:05 Cutting Ceiling Tiles
16:25 Wiring Troffer Lights
17:22 Working with my dad

26 Replies to “Are Drop Ceilings the EASIEST DIY ceiling? | WORKSHOP RENOVATION 18”

  1. 4:20 oh man. This is where a powder actuated nailer would have been perfect.

    Much faster than drilling out and screwing.

    Hilti dx460 and red caps would have made short work of that.

  2. I have nothing to say really, but I appreciate your content, and wish to help with the yt-algorithms.

  3. These knives can be bought on ali express for $11. Please stop promoting the scam.

  4. Curious why you decided on a drop ceiling?? I'd love to know the pros and cons, and how you made that decision? Gotta admit, it was sad seeing the exposed beams covered up!!

  5. They made little sponge looking things that clean finger prints from ceiling tiles!

  6. Amazing job the shop is looking fantastic. Great to have the perkins crew helping very entertaining. Also very good your father was helping out. Looking forward to more videos . Keep up the great work.

  7. how have you not Epoxied that ugly floor yet lol but seriously good job with this whole project!

  8. Please stop promoting Huusk knives – this is another scam company like Established Titles or Kamikoto Knives.

  9. Make sure you add tie wire to all the lights. They all need to be supported incase the ceiling fell.

  10. Fantastic, Johnny! The space is looking fantastic! ????
    I'm definitely looking forward to what comes next!
    Stay safe there with your family! ????????

  11. Is this the first time ever that I’m seeing the Perkins crew NOT use Zip tape for something?

  12. When I installed some drop ceiling as a helper, the rule was never touch the tiles with the front side of your hands due to finger prints, some of which would only show up later. You could grab the edges with your fingers and after that, only the BACK SIDE of your hand was used to put them in place. Easy to do and no more marks on the tiles!

  13. Shop looks great man good job. Down the road in Boone and so cool to see this unfold in asheville

  14. Your shop is looking amazing and way better than mine. I can't wait to see it fully p and operational and how you set up the space great job.

  15. Why 4ft tiles? 2×2 have less sag over time. Just wondering, and not trolling. Was it the cost factor?

  16. The Huusk knives are a scam, they've got nothing to do with Japan. They're an eastern european company who's knives are made in China out of cookware grade steel, not knife grade.

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