Beautiful Modern A-Frame Cabin with Open Concept Design – FULL TOUR

Tour of a beautiful and minimalist A-frame cabin that measures 950 square feet including the loft. The cabin has an open-concept kitchen, living and dining space, two bedrooms, and a full bathroom. Most of the furniture, like the beds, shelves, benches, and kitchen table were built by the owners using plywood.

It’s heated with electric baseboards and a lovely locally-made wood stove.

In this video, Marie-France also shares some of the challenges of building a cabin of this shape and height.

This was a family cabin and a rental at the time we filmed it but it has since been sold.

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12 Replies to “Beautiful Modern A-Frame Cabin with Open Concept Design – FULL TOUR”

  1. I really the design and aesthetic of the home. For me, I would've added more storage.

  2. You two never cease to amaze me! Great content as always. I love seeing your channel's growth over the years

  3. I'm glad she said that A-frame is not cheaper to build. It is assumed that it is since the roof also acts as the walls. Now knowing that it's not cheaper to build and you lose a lot of space due to the angled interior walls, I will no longer consider building an A-frame. It just makes more sense to build with 4 walls and a roof. Efficient and cost-effective design is important to me.

  4. Love your home. I also live in an a frame cottage. My dad built it. It is thatched and although it does not snow in the part of South Africa where I live, I do have a photo of my house covered in snow from a snowstorm we had a few years back.

  5. It looks beautiful i would build a elevator before having to use a spiral staircase everyday though. They look cool but are not fun to use daily.

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