Best Winch? Is BADLAND Better Than WARN? Is Rope Better Than Steel Cable? Let's Settle This!

12,000 Pound Rated Winches: Smittybilt, WARN, Badland (Harbor Freight), SuperWinch, Mile Marker Maverick, Zeak, and Rugcel. Not all the winches survived this test with two winches experiencing rope failure. Winches tested for 50 foot no-load pull speed, force to unroll rope, time to pull ¾ ton truck up a hill 20 feet, time to pull 6,000 pounds a distance of 4 feet, maximum pulling force on final wrap. I bought all of the winches and supplies used to test the winches to ensure an unbiased review. So, thank you for supporting the channel!

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➡ Products Tested In This Video (in no particular order):
Mile Marker Maverick:
Badland (also available at Harbor Freight):

Winch Mount Receiver Hitch (NOT Recommended):
Recovery Safety Blanket:

Videography Equipment:
Sony DSC-RX10 III Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera:
Canon 70D Camera:
Azden Microphone:
Go Pro Bundle:

This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC

17 Replies to “Best Winch? Is BADLAND Better Than WARN? Is Rope Better Than Steel Cable? Let's Settle This!”

  1. Good video, I'm glad you covered these. But… No badlands apex? Maybe do a synthetic winch line comparison video, with the Badlands Apex winch, and different synthetic winch lines, such as the harbor freight, Freedom winch line, and yank em rope.

  2. Awesome video! I can't believe some of the $600 don't include wireless remotes haha! This is an excellent comparison with tons of accurate data. Couldn't believe the Smittybuilt didn't come pre assembled and it's $700+ hahaha

  3. I love this video I only wish that you would have added the harbor freight Badland Apex model it's supposed to be harbor freights heavy duty winch.

  4. I'd like to see the Badlands APEX 12,000lb winch tested. They have one with steel cable or synthetic rope. I personally like the synthetic rope better myself because if it does break its nowhere near as bad as if a steel cable breaks. Great video. Thanks for all the time and info

  5. Have you considered testing SDS rotary hammer bits? Fastest/most durable through concrete, brick, and even concrete w/ rebar, etc.

  6. The more that time goes on, the more I appreciate and respect you for not selling out and doing sponsored bits during your videos. Your videos are scientific, honest, and to the point, and I cannot express how big a deal that is to me. Thank you for all you do, and the way you do it, and as always I look forward to the next one!

  7. That answer my question big time I have been looking for one to put on truck in case I need one to get of a pinch ????????????

  8. Always wondered how the inexpensive Traveller winches I see at Tractor Supply compare to other winches. I mean wenches. (I mean winches????.)

  9. Great video! I’d love to see the badlands apex, too… Not surprised at cheap synthetic rope failures, that was great data! Also love to maybe see the insides for comparison. How does one test for quality and longevity of parts? In my personal winch experience, the cheaper ones have electronic failures and tend not to last. I’ve experienced poor weatherproofing, constant solenoid failures (perhaps due to weatherproofing?), seized motor brushes, and the occasional gear metallurgy failure under heavy load. After all those failures, I still haven’t ponied up for a nice Warn????

  10. The Ramsey worm gear will never be beat that's why there double the price as all the ones you showed.

  11. After watching this video I'm realizing that Warn has a very passionate following but may not be as great as people make them out to be.

  12. Another great video from the best consumer channel!!! Thank you for your reviews! I’ve made many purchases based on your videos!

  13. Great video as always. Always informative and great to help with a product to buy. If you can do a video on electric generators that would be great. So many to choose from

  14. I wanna know if the badlands winch would’ve twisted and failed so low on a quality winch plate

  15. be good to see a test on the X-BULL 14500LBS or the Runva 13xp (that is sold in Australia, not sure elswhere)

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