Are Foodie Mini Brands a Good Size for Barbie? Doll Food?

By Request: Now that we have our food court, let’s serve up some Foodie Mini Brands! I ordered them from for $6.99 each and I can’t wait to check them out to see if they are a good size for the dolls. Join us for an all new video on YouTube at MyFroggyStuff.


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14 Replies to “Are Foodie Mini Brands a Good Size for Barbie? Doll Food?”

  1. I'd love to see what you can come up with for redecorating doubles to make them something new! Like painting the meat in the sandwich to make it a different sandwich! Customizing them should be easier with food items.

  2. So good to see what size these are. I wasn’t really interested in collecting the Foodie mini brands and now that I know none of the items will work for my 1:3 scale American Girl dolls, I can easily pass.

  3. HARDY’S CHOCOLATE SHAKE??? I thought Hardy’s discontinued their malts and shakes and they were my favorite so this is torture😭

  4. I work at Sonic, and our Wacky Pack (kids meal) toys right now are Sonic-themed minis.

    I didn't really consider that these would be something you could buy as a proper surprise box! This is really interesting.

    I'm tempted to buy some of these to see if I can get any Sonic ones, to compare them with the ones I have from work. 🤔

  5. Its worth checking out the inside of the bags, the inside of the sonic bag actually has a little coaster in it!

  6. You should add onto the food quart and make a DIY Fridays and make it frogdays

  7. The bags come in handy if you doll decides she's full and wants to take the rest of her food home.

  8. honestly? no big about the different fries… one's crinkle cut n one's steak house. now you just need wedges! oh and sweet potato fries! ~now i want sweet potato fries. [sighs]~
    this and the fashion series of mini brands, am so here for.
    but i need to get myself organised first so i don't just have piles of tiny food n stuff all over to step on… don'no if that would be worse than legos or not. XD

    p.s. for some of the doubles, you could always cannabalise them and fill their wrappers/boxes/etc with your own variants.
    want something different from subway? open the thing up, and repaint the sandwich to make it into a veggie delight. then just put the wrapper back on it. put a home made salad in one of the boxed doubles. cut out the fries/chicken from the fry carton and put something else in there… like a… i don't know.
    come on Toya, it's not like your brain doesn't already work these things out yourself. i'm sure you can turn any doubles into a positive with a couple minutes of brain storming. you got this.

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