Don't Buy Wood Here || Beginners Guide to Buying Wood

Stop Buying wood at Home$%#*(!!
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22 Replies to “Don't Buy Wood Here || Beginners Guide to Buying Wood”

  1. I live in Myrtle Beach, SC and there's literally 1 hardwood dealer within 2 hours from me. Ugh, not the best place for lumber

  2. You should mention where you are at as different areas may do it differently. Canada vs U.S. vs Australia vs Sweden

  3. ol' mate eying you while running through the aisle like a maniac probably called the cops on ya hey

  4. This is awesome information, thank you. I, for one, would really appreciate some tips and tricks for those of us who do not have a table saw, planer, or jointer. Obviously I'm not building really high end furniture, but I'm capable of building some nice basic pieces.

  5. As an amateur woodworker I appreciate this video, however it's not helpful for someone without a joiner or a planer (or the space for either). There is no question that wood from a lumber yard is a better quality. With the proper tools it's a good value. Without them, having the lumber yard do the milling adds up fast. For the occasional face frame or cabinet door big box store poplar or maple is fine for paint grade. The birch plywood is decent enough for paint grade cabinet boxes as well. I can do an awful lot of projects with big box materials before the joiner, planer, extra labor, and precious workshop space for them make sense. Maybe I'll get there someday.

  6. Now Googleing Hardwood in Enumclaw, WA. Anyone local, feel free to shout out your fav HW store in the area.

  7. Awesome, I saw the hardwood store near me but it was intimidating to try to go there since I'm def not a professional and barely know what I'm doing. I'll have to check them out next time I try to build something

  8. I'm 10 seconds into this video and would say this place is THEE worst place to purchase wood. MAX WARPAGE, BOWAGE, TWISTAGE, GARBAGE. This is my experience from Southern Alberta. That it is kept inside is mind blowing. Rona is where I went instead and 9 times out of 10 it was beauty.

  9. Other places to look for rough sawn wood, is a local sawmill. Great and informative video.

  10. We have Denoon Lumber, that is our local supply for wood that is actually wood

  11. 😂😂your a nut!!!🤣🤣 very informative! Never cared for HD wood even for construction. It's usually still fresh. Or twisted. Or bowed. 🙄

  12. The funny part about this is that I work for a company that supplies a large percentage of their 2x4x8s and I’ll tell you as a grader the wood is sh*t

  13. LOL I'm getting Home Depot adds during the add roll. They are trying pretty hard to challenge this video.

  14. I buy my hard woods at a local hardwood dealer. It’s actually cheaper than the local box store but people buy there because they don’t have a planet or any way to make them square. I buy my Baltic birch for cabinets from the box store but pick through for straight ones. When I built my shop I bought the 2 bys from a lumber yard and had way less crap boards that way. So to me it’s worth shopping around.

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