Are There Any Frozen Pizzas Actually Worth Buying?

Today we’re taste testing frozen pizza brands. These are all available nationwide. We know there are many more but wanted to limit it to eight.

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13 Replies to “Are There Any Frozen Pizzas Actually Worth Buying?”

  1. You guys voted on what taste test you wanted next. Frozen pizza was the winner. If you have more suggestions, please let us know below. We love making these videos and plan to make more, but don't worry we are still posting our weekly recipe video every Thursday. Thanks as always for liking and sharing our videos!

  2. You never answered the question though. Compared to YOUR Homemade Pizza and/or Takeout from an Italian Pizzeria (Not Pizza Hut etc) – are there any Frozen Pizza worth Buying? Or are we really talking about degrees of BAD? My suggestion – how about BUYING a Frozen Pizza Dough and making a Pizza that way. It is not much more work than a Frozen Pizza and MUCH MUCH better. Most supermarkets have Frozen Pizza Dough Rounds. SInce it is the dough that really takes the time – I think THIS is the best way to compromise.

  3. While I will leave my opinion out of things simply because I like some brands you don't care for; is it really fair to have Margherita pizza's in this?
    Now, hear me out on this; My reason for asking is that in pretty much all of the other pizza's it is a lot easier to get away with ingredients that don't taste as fresh – meanwhile a Margherita basically HAS to taste fresh or you aren't using the right ingredients. It just seems a bit skewed in certain brands favors.

  4. It’s very unlikely I’ll get to our nearest Trader Joe’s (an hour away) but I can definitely give Amy’s and Target’s a whirl. I really like Home Run Inn brand and that’s my go to when I’m in the mood for frozen.

  5. "Did you guys taste the five cheeses?"
    "I can't." :: begins to walk away and remembers he has to still make this video::

    Can't taste the cheeses, or can't even be bothered to deal with such filth? lol! Your immediate dismissal was hilarious!!

  6. Good and gather prosciutto and arugula one of the best frozen pizzas I've ever had and it's only $6.99
    Good & gather is also made in Italy

  7. LOVED this!!! Thank you so much???? We don't have the same brands here but it was still really interesting. All the very best from Brisbane Down Under????????

  8. I really like the thin and crispiness of the California pizza kitchen. Those pizzas got me through college (even though they're pretty pricey). But I also live in Texas and never had an authentic pizza in my life.

  9. Look out dad, James is coming for you ???? he articulates very well!!!
    Hi from Melbourne, Australia ????????

  10. I have had another DiGiorno pie that I like better than that rising crust one… DiGiorno Hand-Tossed.

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