I Waited 90 Days, Only To Have My Crops Die?

Is it possible to have TOO much rain? My normal planting schedule and strategy didn’t line up with the heavy rains we got this year which lead to problems I don’t usually experience. In this video I show you how I am dealing with these problems and how I plan on avoiding them for the following seasons.


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23 Replies to “I Waited 90 Days, Only To Have My Crops Die?”

  1. Just planted in my Pacific Purple Asparagus crowns last months…waiting for them to sprout. I see yours looks amazing ???????? My blackberry & blueberry production will be good unlike last year. My blueberry tomatoes hate being in large smart bags. Hoping to get the Bananas Musa to finally fruit this year. Gotta dig up all the spearmint and apple mint on the southeast side of the yard. They're taking over ????

  2. My struggle this year is finding seeds, believe it or not! I live in Macedonia and I haven't had any luck finding seeds for the plants I want to grow. I may have to order some online and ship them here from other countries, and hope they don't get confiscated at the border. I need to learn more Macedonian so I can cozy up to my neighbours and ask them for seeds or cuttings!

  3. Why I never grow onions from sets, only seeds. Sets are already 2nd year when you plant them. They flower so easily

  4. Currently growing maris piper potatoes for the first time and in pots. Looking good so far. Should be ready by August. Struggling to find some takers for my Horse chestnut seedlings. Last year about 3 germinated, this about 43. Nowhere to put them. The offer still stands if you want any, Kevin.

  5. 3rd yr container gardening and figuring out how to grow plants from seed on my windowsill, for some reason I can’t seem to get my tomatoes or anything else, first time peppers! excited, off the ground???? Last yr I went all in on the artisan cherry tomatoes in April and they made it to adulthood surviving multiple family vacations, only got a handful per but I call that a win, but this yr did early Feb and they purpled up and stopped growing after one tiny true leaf. Not sure why, maybe it’s still too cold in Socal, fungus gnats or too much woody material in the potting soil stealing nutrients from the soil?, used the same brand last yr, master gardeners mix too?, but going to try again in diff containers with seed starting mix!

  6. For me, the season started about mid march already since it was quite mild compared to the previous years. There haven't been many struggles honestly. I have crops almost ready to harvest (like bokchoi and radishes) while i usually would have only transplanted them now.

    For some other reason unclear to me the snail problems also aren't a thing yet. Usually 60% of my plants tend to get partially to fully destroyed by massive amounts of snails and spring storms.
    I have struggled with basil, kniphofia and thunbergia germination though. For the rest, the garden is thriving more than ever!

    As for the lack of snails, i suddenly got a potential idea about why they aren't present as much:
    I have introduced significantly more flowers, especially early bloomers this year. This attracted many and i do mean many ants and pollinators. Birds have followed same with hedgehogs (i even found many pieces of evidence for nesting grounds of a few species of sparrow, a blackbird and woodpecker!)
    I know they all eat snails, so they probably keep the pests under control 😀

  7. Love the beautification work. My biggest problems were psyllids on tomatoes/ potatoes and crown gall in my dahlias ????

  8. My biggest struggle, for the last two years, has been getting my squash and zucchini to grow. I’m in north Texas and my plants (straight neck yellow squash and various zucchini varieties) are loaded with female blossoms and squash about 3 inches long. I just got my first male flowers opening this week. However, the female blossoms have mostly fallen off my squash. I can’t figure out why they’re doing this. My squash are shriveling up and turning brown. I know that is happening because the female blooms aren’t being pollinated. I know how to manually pollinate them, but I can’t do that when the male blossoms aren’t opening until the female blossoms have fallen off. ???? Any suggestions?

  9. I have been struggling with pocket gophers. My first garden in many years was last year and we dug down eight to twelve inches and lined it with chicken wire. That kept them out for most of the season, but they decided late in the season to just hop out of their holes and walk into the garden. This year I am trying to expand the garden, but it is hard to get the motivation to do all that digging. In the existing garden, I have sown seed very heavily in the hopes that the gophers will leave some for us. It is pretty weird how uneven the crop is. The critters pretty much clear an area and leave little patches untouched.

  10. Finally, San Diego (10b) and Vancouver (8b) are almost/sort of/vaguely relatable. ????
    Garlic (planted in November) is looking strong, asparagus is done, and potatoes (cold, wet spring) went in today. 
    Yay summer!

  11. Spider mites decimate every potato plant I have unless I grow it amongst weeds.

  12. I love artichoke mashed down to a spreadable paste..I have it on sandwiches, with meats & salads.

  13. From what I can tell all the water you guys got in cali messed up you soil.. it compressed and uts soggy down there and suffocating ur roots u might whant to airrate some of that soil

  14. Snails are trying to wreck my newly planted seedlings. You did a pest video recently but didn’t cover anything to do with snails and slugs. Would love a follow up pest and disease tip trick video!

  15. I always start onions with bulbs (sets) and usually put them in October-November if they are in the garden centers. Mostly I use them as “green onions” but mine started to bulb a couple fo weeks ago. Honestly I do think it’s because of the usual SoCal heavy rain and cold we got this year

  16. Just got my raised beds planted in the SF Bay Area… Squashes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, green onions, nasturtium, snap peas, and bunches of tomatoes and lots of herbs (various basils, borage, cilantro, 3 different thymes, rosemary, sage, dill, etc., etc..)… I'm already seeing tons of what look like tiny little brown bugs in my beds, mostly on or just below the Garden Straw mulch. Aphids? Something else? I really don't know and need to decide how I'm going to remedy this before it really gets out of hand. Feels like it may be getting out of hand already TBH. I don't want to use pesticides as I have in ground worm bins. Thoughts and ideas appreciated…

  17. You’ve created such a beautiful area already and it’s great that you’re always finding ways to make improvements. Looking forward to seeing all that!
    I have so many little problem areas in my yard. Right now I’m rearranging the area in between a cattle panel and a fence. Realistically I should have arched it east-west, (and I still could), because southern facing exposure is prime real estate. Hard to explain without a picture but I have a plan.

  18. I am a serial overwaterer when in starting plants lol my starts are always either way too wet or bone dry and i cant seem to find the inbetween lol ive had several shrivel up this year as well as lost all my squash to too much water. Ive replanted everything now that its getting warm enough to just keep it outside and its all doing fine. Just the inside plants that are a hit or more often a miss for me lol

  19. Why so much garlic? That is a lot of space and your garlic is very tightly planted. Your potatoes also seem very tightly planted although it’s harder to tell except that there is little space between leaves. Your artichokes are killing it. My onions randomly bulb into flowers every year.

  20. All my garlic was planted in containers and I lost them all, either not enough drainage or the mulch held to much moisture and not enough sun

  21. Omg. Pill bugs! They are eating everything. Not a direct sown seedling alive and my potatoes are destroyed. ????

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