Artistic DIY Short Bus — Female Entrepreneur + Textile Artist

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This is an artwork piece on a bus! Gillian has done everything from set design to work in New York and LA and now thrives in textile and ice dying. Realizing the quick pace and extreme commute was no longer her vibe, she dove face-first into YouTube and found herself researching tiny living. She now lives full-time in a 2002 Ford E450 Super Duty rig. The layout is functional with abundant space and versatile sections that can convert for multipurpose use. She decorated it with tons of peel and stick with the idea that it could be quickly changed for a new cosmetic feel.

Gillian has a huge clothing collection with a large dresser and upper cabinets to host it all. Under her fixed bed is a double-sectioned storage space that can be accessed from outside. One exterior door leads to the product storehouse, and the other opens to the garage site. This creative girl travels with her pop-up shop in hand for the ability to set up anywhere and sell her goods.

Art IG:

Shot by: @theaveragebrad
Edited by: @filmbro_

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20 Replies to “Artistic DIY Short Bus — Female Entrepreneur + Textile Artist”

  1. Saying the couch is more comfortable than the bed is merely a statement of opinion. For starters, you could have simply overpaid for the bed. Just because something costs more does not mean it's guaranteed to be more comfortable, or that it's worth getting insulted over. I could hypothetically make a bed of solid gold, which would likely cost more than your current bed; should I then be insulted if you say you'd rather not sleep on it because it's hard as a rock despite how much it would cost? Also, different people have different "mattress" needs that can be influenced by their height, weight, and posture among other things. If I cook you an expensive steak and an inexpensive fish, should I be insulted if you eat the fish and not the steak because you're a pescatarian despite the steak costing more? As I type this I am, of course, marveling at your improvised lagun-style table mount; that's clever!

  2. hello , nice , very nice you go gal , you and your sweet kitty………….🥰🥰🥰. great share , thank you , for sharing…….

  3. I love your home, I've been dreaming and planning for 3 years now, just looking for my sweet rig! 🤞 Happy and safe trails to you! ❤️

  4. Heck yeah I can relate, when I was making the most money I was the most miserable I had ever been. Now I don’t make as much but have more time to pursue what I want to do in my life.

  5. Hi girl, love your Ford home….and are looking foreward to see your
    Website…tkx fit the tour..stay safe..beautifull kitty💕

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