TRAMP TRUCKS! The World’s FIRST Skate Trucks made for skating a trampoline! Today, we give you our honest review… Braille Style!

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24 Replies to “WHAT ARE TRAMP TRUCKS?!”

  1. I used to skate but then i gave up after about a month i started watching ur videos again and i started skating again and now i know alot of new tricks and can u guys pls make more videos at fremont skate park

  2. what about some more street skating content outside for the changeup? I like when its outside.
    Even just outside in front of warehouse entrance is nice

  3. These would have rocked back when our best option for learning tricks was a Trick Tips VHS…my mom would have preferred these on her carpet instead of real dirty wheels! 😄

  4. MoGlo vids be hittin different the vibes are immaculate. Maybe show us some of your local street spots? cheers Braille boys

  5. You know, I didn't like skateboarding before watching your videos, but most of all I love the phrase "LEARN TO SKATEBOARD" then I bought my first board in a sports store and started skating. Thank you.

  6. I was gonna say they shoulda brought out the mini-tramps but I'm pretty sure they all got destroyed at some point xD

  7. now get yall a trampoline, could come in handy for other vids as well like floor is lava type stuff

  8. I don't mean to be that guy… But why is glo wearing a hoodie with the hood on… I thought it was the middle of summer time

  9. I think this is my favourite of the MoGlo skate videos, that have come from the recent videos containing the two of them together. I hope Glo didn't mess up his wrist too bad, that was a nasty fall.

  10. If I move to California can I skate for you guys ,I'm pretty low matinence 🤣🛫🤔🗝️

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