ASMR zero waste stinging nettles #shorts #asmr #nettle

When I was a kid my grandma used to make stinging nettles risotto or gnocchi but you can pick and use them for so many other things, at any time of the year. The seeds are known for the energetic properties and I can’t wait to pick some.


* One colander full of freshly picked nettles
* 1/2 x cup pine nuts
* 1 x cup of vegan hard cheese grated
* 2-3 x raw cloves of garlic
* 150 ml of olive oil
* 10 ml of lemon juice (optional just to keep the colour bright)
* 1/2 teaspoon of salt
* 1/2 teaspoon of pepper


-blanch the nettle leaves for 2 minutes
-place in cold water with ice
-strain and press with your hands to remove as much water as possible
-combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth
-store in an airtight jar in the fridge


* nettle roots
* 100 vodka


-soak the roots in water depending on how much dirt they have and wash them properly with a small brush
-let dry for 3-4 hours on a towel or dehydrate with a dehydrator or sunlight
-chop in small pieces of 1cm each
-fill half of a jar with roots and the rest with vodka
-shake every day
-keep in a dark place
-will be ready in about a month


-remove roots and leaves
-flat out the remaining stick
-open it in half and remove the woody part
-you’re left out with the fibres
-pull them apart usually they should be 4 but even if they are more or they get broken and are shorter that will work out anyway
-now you can twist all of them together and create a thicker string or leave them as is
-they are good to use fresh or you can hang them on a rail to let dry

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  1. We use it in balkan pastry called Zeljanica. We use it instead of spinach and tastes amazing.

  2. Come see me spicy ……..we have bumper crops of them in my neighborhood ????????

  3. Дружище ты открываешь мир западной культуре)) ???? продолжай в том же духе! ???? Откуда твои корни брат?

  4. Мы называем это растение крапивой, спасибо за видео ❤

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