Bacon Cheeseburger Bean Bowl | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Get out the bowl. This is a massive protein energy food bowl that’ll keep ya going strong for a day, no doubt about it. And it’s cheap and real easy to do, as shown here by the BBQ Pit Boys. Check this recipe out.
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13 Replies to “Bacon Cheeseburger Bean Bowl | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys”

  1. You've got me at "High energy,low cost". I may add the word "explosive" as well, if you know what I mean…????????????????????????

  2. It’s a shame that you wasted those delicious looking cheeseburgers on those nasty canned beans.

  3. Been a subscriber since I figured out how to bookmark a website. Gotta say, THIS was one of my favorite BBQ Pit Boys vids of the thousands I've seen! Bobby Fame taking simple ingredients on a kettle grill making a royal feast set to a classic score. You guys still kick @ss!

  4. It can't get much better than this. I'm going to try this recipe out soon. Thank you. BPB4L!

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