BATHROOM TOUR! | Minimalist | Chyaz

A tour around our minimalism-inspired brand new bathroom!
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It’s time for the first of my apartment tour videos, and we’re starting with the bathroom! It’s quite minimalist, and works perfectly with my white and pink theme. There are pops of marble and chrome too – let me know what you think!

Some handy links to a few of the decor items I showed:

John Lewis Marble items:
Victoria’s Secret Make Up Bag:
Lush Bath Products:


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My name is Chyaz Samuel, I’m a TV presenter, blogger and vlogger from the UK! I started making YouTube videos in 2009 when I created just one make up tutorial – after that the requests came rolling in, and before I knew it I was making videos about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel, my favourite products and everything in between.

I now post two videos per week, on Thursdays at 5pm GMT and Sundays at 12 noon GMT, as well as posting on my blog three times per week too. It’s wonderful to have you along for the ride!


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24 Replies to “BATHROOM TOUR! | Minimalist | Chyaz”

  1. I am always in tkmaxx as only live 10 minutes aways and I have to the beach

  2. Beautiful, beautiful bathroom. Just a lil' FYI…something I read and seen a segment on TV many yrs ago. Worst thing to do is to keep your toothbrushes out. Between using and flushing the toilet the bacteria that sprays and lingers in the area is more than one would care to know. 🙂🙂🙂

  3. Yess! I love the idea of minimalism, I just started getting into that style in my bedroom. Going from a super cluttered room to minimalism isn't gonna be easy but Ive started!

  4. wow i love how clean your bathroom is!!! what cleaning products do you use?!:)

  5. This video didn't show up in my sub box 🙁 I only saw it because I went to your channel to find another video

  6. Looking foward to see the rest of the house, you've a really good sense of decour, looks lovely!

  7. I absolutely loved it 🙂 Can't wait to see the other rooms. By the way, didn't you break that jar?

  8. Wow it's so beautiful! I'm always amazed but your amazing taste in everything!!!

  9. so u guys have seperate bathrooms? spitting out toothpaste together ain't cute anymore? ^^,
    love the bathbomb jar on the side.. playful yet elegant.. much like yourself ^.^

  10. wow can I copy this exact idea..I m renovating my house so for master bedroom this bathroom is really good… can we have next other rooms idea?

  11. Beautiful of course! Great taste! But isn't a plant needed in there? I'm missing some green, but maybe thats just me 🙂

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