HOW TO: Matte nails with colourful foils and FIRST VOICE OVER!

Hi guys, this is a set that I did with colourful foils. It was so much fun doing this set! I also did a voice over for the FIRST TIME. I hope you like it. Let me know in the comments bellow what you think of this set and the voice over.
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Love you guys!

– My info
Facebook: Infinity Nails
Instagram: Gleensz_infinity

Product’s I’ve used:

Young Nails:
– Protein Bond
– Cover pink
– Clear acrylic
– Nail liquid

– Blue acrylic
– Nail tips

– Acrylic brush #14

– Matte topcoat

Local store:
– Foil glue
– Foils

16 Replies to “HOW TO: Matte nails with colourful foils and FIRST VOICE OVER!”

  1. Beautiful! I tried doing fouls on gels but it didn’t adhere properly. Have ever done foils with gels?

  2. Please move the camera so we can see better. Half of what you did was off the screen. 😉

  3. Do you have any efiling video?? …your nails are great BTW

  4. Hi, these are beautiful! Can you tell me where do you purchase your nail tips from?

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