BBQ Needs More of These! | Chuds BBQ

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►Full list of things I use and recommend:

Pots & Pans
►Made In Stainless Clad Set
►Made In Carbon Steel Set
►Made In Wok

►8″ Chef’s Knife
►6″ Nikiri
►Boning Knife
►Bone Saw

Meat Processing
►Meat Grinder
►Sausage Stuffer
►Meat Mixer
►Meat Slicer

►Weber Kettle
►Chamber Vacuum Sealer
►Sous Vide
►Toaster Oven
►Deep Fryer
►Vitamix Blender
►Kitchenaid Mixer
►Food Processor

►Chud Rub and 16 Mesh Black Pepper
►Fogo Charcoal
►Wagyu Tallow
►Dough Conditioner
►High Temp Cheese
►Pink Salt
►Sodium Citrate
►Hog Casings
►Sheep casings

Small Cooking Tools
►Pepper Cannon
►Instant Read Thermometer
►Flame Thrower
►Fire Blower
►Cold Smoke Generator
►Rub Tub
►Burger Press
►Butcher paper
►Paper stand
►Cutting Board

Welding Tools
►Angle grinder
►Grinder Blades
►Chop Saw
►Pipe Level

Camera Gear
►Camera Lens

17 Replies to “BBQ Needs More of These! | Chuds BBQ”

  1. Thoughts on the SNS kettle vs a Weber? Been looking into them for a while

  2. Great video Bradley! Question… where did you buy your angled tongs used to flip your chicken?

  3. Can you talk about how you are able to sauté/cook in your cutting board. Induction?

  4. I have a stupid question! – Does the Chud Trivet get heated before you slap it on your board to help keep the pan hot? I always see you cooking on it, but couldn't figure it out.

  5. Correct me if I heard wrong. Did you call flauta to the flour tortilla? If that's correct, you definitely know some one from the city of Victoria in México because is the only place we call them like that

  6. I've been putting off buying a Boot Snake Hat, but now I think I need to get one. My daughter would be absolutely amazed to be included in one of your videos. Keep up the great work!

  7. I want to finally ask. What is that small plate burner Thing That you cook with. It looks unreal. But also pretty cool!

  8. I've got to say I always enjoy your vi was sharing with my daughter which is a pastry chef. I believe I enjoy him so much because you're very authentic meaning. The way you are in your videos is probably the way you are in life! Also you've inspired me to reconfigure our barbecue area to be a little more like yours but just to enjoy that area more.!

  9. This looks seriously delicious! Good work Brad. I'm very impressed with this recipe.

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