Beauty tips: hero products for under £10

Beauty tips: hero products for under £10 with Sali Hughes.
Search hard enough and you’ll find those winning items that give your face a treat for under £10

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  1. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (which my husband calls Daily MicroOlifant, because it's much funnier that way).

  2. hi
    I've just come across your uploads and I wached one on dehydrated skin …. My problem is I like a higher end range as I'm used to the vi derm products.
    I'm looking to change my skin care but do u recommend any that tackle dehydrated skin as well as being an anti age range … ? 😊

  3. I'm sure I heard somewhere that Bourjois is made in the same factory as Chanel. Just with you saying it's made in the same factory as a very prestigious high end brand but you didn't mention which brand it was. Just in case anybody was wondering. Another very famous youtube makeup pair mentioned it a few months ago. From Sarah ☺

  4. All brands mentioned made of petroleum, contain formaldehyde's and direct carcinogens in ingredients, as well as hormone disruptors. Do not go for 'brand' products, search outside UK for better quality products with reasonable price. 

  5. La Roche-Posay also caters for dehydrated skin (Hydreane and Hydraphase) – it's a French pharmacy brand that's on a great pricepoint.

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