Prince Harry says relationship with William became “Meghan vs Kate”

In a new interview, Prince Harry has recounted his relationship with brother Prince William became “Meghan vs Kate”. #shorts #royals #princeharry #meghanmarkle

11 Replies to “Prince Harry says relationship with William became “Meghan vs Kate””

  1. They both epitomise a generation of selfish narcassistic people who refuse to take any accountability for their actions. Vile people.

  2. And yet he still implies racism and says it's the press….he is a sick sick individual

  3. He was asked why M wasn't welcomed by W&C, and he specifically adds in biracial in his list, which directly says that they are at least a little bit racist. In this same interview, he says that H&M have never called any member of the Royal family racist. He is truly stupid and he thinks the rest of us are stupid too.

  4. Meghan had Harry wrapped around her finger. She wanted to be treated like a Royal but didn’t want to follow protocol. Once they realized who she was really is she used the race card and started making up stories.

  5. Maybe kate and william didn’t feel welcome in M’s presence..? Hmm u ever thought about that H?

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