Bee Man Vs Stubborn Bees In Shed Floor

I had removed bees form this shed 2 years & one month ago. That colony was underneath the floor on the right side.This colony was on the front of the shed right by the front door under the plywood floor.

This colony was more established with more numbers but the bees were very gentle requiring zero smoke to deal with.

The queen was a stubborn one to say the least, even more stubborn than the floor was to open.

The floor was screwed down, but several screws were countersunk whereby you couldn’t tell they were even there.

With perseverance I was able to do what needed to be done.

It was in the 90’s F when I began the job late Friday evening. Because the bees were underneath two different adjacent floor sections I ran out of time the first evening to pull all comb out.

I began Part 2, day 2 the following day, Saturday at 6:40 am. The queen was super stubborn & forced me to leave the box on site until Sunday night.

I went by Saturday evening to check the box to see if she had moved in & lo & behold she had, fantastic!

I am a beekeeper & live bee removal specialist located within 10 miles of New Orleans, Louisiana.

We have mild winters & bees thrive here & keep me busy approximately 10.5 months of the year.

I will go just about anywhere to deal with bees but home base is southeast, Louisiana.

The bee vac I helped test & design & highly recommend is the Colorado Bee Vac.

HoneybGone is my preferred bee repellent manufactured by Blythewood Bee Company who also manufactures Swarm Commander, honey bee lure.

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  1. J P I enlarge my screen looking for the queen, lol my son is laughing cause my face is on the screen lol go slower it makes me dizzy lol lol it's a fun game find the queen first, gets the honey lol lol

  2. GOD BLESS YOU ,I will watch your videos but I would never do this, I can't believe you will, your and Angel right out of God's heart, thank you J P..

  3. There's always going to be a bad apple out of the bunch commenting on something They don't like. You're doing a good job rescuing bees.

  4. I love watching the bees marching in the hive! The only way I can think of to keep the bees out from under the building is to put stainless steel screen all around it and below the ground. It must be very tight! Bees can get in some very small hole!

  5. I really enjoy watching you catching bees you explain as you go and I'm like you watching those bees marching in never gets old pretty amazing

  6. Good video. I'm glad you got the bees. I am wondering why you tried to get them to go into the box by themselves, instead of just vacuuming them up? Wouldn't vacuuming them up have been a lot faster and easier? Just wondering. I like when you show most of the comb removal, instead of just a before and after. I also like that you showed the comb being framed. So it was a good video, and I don't at all mind that it was a little longer. 👍

  7. LOL, any minute/hour/day now – great video as always! In the spring and summer, I have lots of honey bees in my garden – they don't bother anyone and just go about their bees-ness.

  8. This took an incredible amount of patience! Glad you could be there for this customer.

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