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  1. Your videos give me hope. I live in Toronto Ontario Canada east end. My rent is almost unmanageable as I ran my Studio and taught for TDSB (I'm a violinist and violinist)….but am on long term disability. I'm a single mom living with my 10 year old twin boys, who are wonderful! I'm starting a new business in February. I have the means to purchase either a tiny house or a "mobile" home…NOT in the posh neighborhood in which I live!! I am 59 and have owned 2 homes, one on my own. Your circumstances are very inspiring and interesting to me!! I believe l can pull this off .

  2. I am so happy for you. What I love about this video is how genuine and sweet both of you are. Your faith has been rewarded. Thank you for being an inspiration. ❤️

  3. Love watching. It’s so tough to turn things around to something good. – been there.

  4. Your home has so much cozy places and really feels like home for you both, that's great.
    I have a 4 bedroom home and I have 5 pets, two dogs Pookie a jack Russell mix and Lola a jack Russell mix.
    Plus my cat Sammy and my two birds Bungee my cockatiel, and Ozzy my parakeet.
    It's so nice to be debt-free.
    My house is paid off too plus car.
    The amount of peace I have in the lord by doing everything God's way is very peaceful.
    God bless you both ♥️.

  5. With less pressure from expenses and debt, you'll live a lot longer, but with age it gets harder to move around in a tiny place, especially with stairs to climb.

  6. I love to watch Elizabeth and Bill together. They seem to really enjoy each other and always express appreciation for the things each does for the other.

  7. Terrific! Mazal Tov! Much better than hauling a trailer around and a lot less work! Best of luck to the both of you! Love, Mary!

  8. I haven’t touched bases in about 6 months. Going through some things. Wow, your little place is so adorable. I’m so happy that it worked out.
    My husband and I live in Northern California. We lost our house in 2008 that we lived in for 8 years and paid a hefty mortgage on. From there, we ended up renting and rented 4 different houses that oddly enough, after 3 to 4 years in each house, the see.er decided to sell. So here we are AGIAN! In this house going on 4 years and got a call from the owner saying they are selling. So we decided enough is enough. We bought a travel travel trailer and are putting our belongings in storage and will be living in the trailer. I’m so glad I ran into your video at this time. I cry a lot not knowing what to expect but at the same time I’m praising God that we will have a roof over our head. It can always be worse and for some, it is. My heart cries for those on the streets. I think of them all the time. If not for the grace of God, there go us…..
    We took a week off and went to Texas because my brothers wife passed away and he was depressed. We thought of moving got there because it’s so much more cheaper but our kids and grands are here in Ca. They were not having it but they were putting on a brave face for us knowing our situation. We are self employed and still working. So I’m so grateful for that.
    I’ve never shared this much and wonder WHY I’m doing so now. As I am writing I feel like the Lord is speaking to someone. I pray for you whoever you are and like myself, God is Faithful! Even though it’s scarie, step out in Faith and He will supply your need as He has done with us many times.
    Again, Thankyou for sharing. I so enjoyed you showing us around your new cozy home. Your Husband did a wonderful job making it a home. You have more room than we will have but I know most everything is temporary. The good news, Jesus is coming soon. What a day, a Glorious day tat will be❤️

  9. Love watching your journey and seeing all the renovations. Hey Elizabeth, is it possible to get your
    sewing pattern/instructions for your tiny house curtains? I know it's been a few years but I am just joining you and Bill and catching up on your journey.

  10. Nice job! I don't blame you for insisting on the two recliners. Day to day you've got to be comfortable or it's not going to work well. Your stories are very inspiring. Praise the Lord.

  11. I have followed Bills final comments for the past 4 years and am very grateful for the advice. I was inspired and can enjoy life way more than I did. Thank you!

  12. You have this fixed up really cute..Nice job..Thank you for the video..Have a blessed day..

  13. Even though this is several years ago it is fond memories of .My late husband and I lived in a motorhome not a huge one probably middle-sized for about three and a half years and he always laughed. I could sit in the middle of it and use the long barbecue tongs and clean up the whole house without having to get out of my chair God bless you both

  14. Wow Bill is so clever and Elizabeth your designs are amazing. God bless you both xx 🇬🇧

  15. another awesome,helpful video. I'm wanting to live tiny house style to with the simple and free style also.

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