Best Damaged Thread Repair? Let’s Settle This! Heli Coil, TIME-SERT, E-Z LOK, JB Weld, HHIP, Loctite

7 Thread Repairs:TIME-SERT, Heli Coil, E-Z LOK, HHIP, Loctite Stripped Thread Repair Epoxy, JB Weld, and Copper Wire. Stripped thread repair products compared for maximum tightening strength and compared against a baseline (1/2 inch threaded aluminum). Damaged threads repaired by each product then tested for tensile strength until the product failed or the bolt broke. I purchased all of the products to ensure an unbiased review. So, thank you for supporting the channel!

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Heli Coil:
Loctite Threadlocker Red:
Loctite Stripped Thread Repair Epoxy:
JB Weld:

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13 Replies to “Best Damaged Thread Repair? Let’s Settle This! Heli Coil, TIME-SERT, E-Z LOK, JB Weld, HHIP, Loctite”

  1. I work in manufacturing, helicoils are great for aluminum because they increase the strength of the thread, A lot of customers order parts with helicoils pre-installed

  2. Wurth TimeSerts, these thread inserts are the industry standard, as a race engineer I won't use anything else

  3. This is one of your worst videos. It’s hard to follow what is even going on. Parts used and what you’re doing is cutdown so much I have zero confidence in any results.

  4. Try the green "LOCTITE 648 Retaining Compound" it make the red stuff seem like a childs toy!

  5. I am really perplexed how the E-Z Lok bolts exceeded the bolt break limit by almost double the others. How is that possible?

  6. I never knew such a kind of product existed. I'd never even thought to look. I had always just said "looks like I'm boring this out bigger and starting over" without even considering that there may be another way. Those of us with special needs thank you

  7. Great information as usual.
    The metal inserts perform better than I had expected. I'll have to check them out closer. Thank you!

  8. Interesting. I'm curious why the bolts broke at different levels with the threaded inserts(in the torque tests) I'd like to see if the insert was turning and stretching the bolt faster or something.

  9. For wood fixings, get a matchstick, hammer it til its flattish and slightly mashed and feed it into a hole to be screwed before applying the screw, saves having to get a bigger screw as that is what people used before rawlplugs.

  10. i wonder why the ez lock broke at such a higher torque? Wait, friction with the head of the bolt with the aluminum and or steel

  11. When working on scientific instrumentation back in the early 2000s, we put helicoils (from Böllhoff) in each and every thread in aluminium. The way helicoils work, they spread the load across more turns of the thread, with the result of the bolts breaking long before the thread could be damaged. Additionally, if the bolt breaks, its pretty easy to turn and remove the broken bolt. A real lifesaver 🙂

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