Best Garden Design Ideas l Top 5

Today we’re bringing you a special episode of Homeworthy! With Spring just around the corner, we’re rounding up our top 5 favorite gardens –from a gorgeous beachtown in Rhode Island to the bucolic rolling hills of Pennsylvania. Enjoy!

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19 Replies to “Best Garden Design Ideas l Top 5”

  1. Betty Beardon Pardee…what a "class act." Her vision is nothing short of total enchantment. franki

  2. Not that stupid woman who thinks New Zealanders think hydrangeas are weeds. NOT THE CASE AT ALL. New zealanders love hydrangea. Remove her from your channel she has no credibility.

  3. I have seen this woman's house tour & garden in another video on YouTube…cool lady in the first clip #5 garden

  4. I loved this video of Rhode Island, went to school in New Port and I'm a designer. These Wonderful people have the taste and wisdom to put gardens together for beauty. They are magnificent and other people can learn and make there own garden beautiful by copying some of there ideas. I love to live with beautiful things and this makes me very happy!

  5. Five beautiful gardens have seen them before on here when you showed the inside of there stunning homes ???? ????

  6. I love your channel. I'm in design for many, many years. The folks you "high lighted" are all very wealthy elitists. Please bring it back down to earth. Thanks. I prefer more grass roots creative types, not the "prep club". Anyone can do this with wealth, inheritance and priviledge. And highly paid landscapers.

  7. Number 3 is one of my all-time favorite episodes of Homeworthy – it is just the best – and # 2 is a close second, thanks for reminding us of them!

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