Big Makeup Mistakes to Avoid | Common Beginner Don'ts That Age You | Dominique Sachse

When we find a makeup look we really like, sometimes we can get stuck in our ways. As we get older, those tried and true techniques don’t have the same results! In today’s video, I show you some common makeup mistakes that can be aging, and I’ll also share how to correct those mistakes to update and enhance our natural beauty.

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26 Replies to “Big Makeup Mistakes to Avoid | Common Beginner Don'ts That Age You | Dominique Sachse”

  1. Wow, this is the BEST MAKEUP VID/DEMO I'VE SEEN..SIMPLY ELEGANT..I immediately subscribe..The make up gods must have heard me, this vid came into my feed I tried each step except the contouring. I must say the YOUTUBE MAKEUP AWARD goes to you hands down..This is PERFECT for me..THANK YOU..💕

  2. I love your make up tutorials. So informative! I would love to see a tutorial on how to put eyeshadow colors together. I have so many palettes, but I have a hard time choosing colors that look nice together. How do I choose colors that complement each other? Knowing which crease color to put with lid color, etc. would be a huge help. Thank you, keep 'em coming! I always look forward to your videos.

  3. Any other contact wearers struggle with tight lining? I've tried it several times but it always irritates my eyes. I am assuming it is due to my contacts. Thank you Dominique for another helpful makeup tutorial!

  4. So grateful for this video as I’m attending my nephews wedding this week and I’ve been looking for a tutorial on how to apply my eyeshadow and concealer

  5. Hi and as a woman mid 40, thanks so much for this video. Special thanks for recommending the Catrice blur primer. I have the age-typical larger pores beside the nose and I have spent a fortune on really expensive primer products and nothing worked for me. (and I mean the highhighend stuff pricewise) After watching this video I spent under 5$ for the Catrice primer and it works wonders, lasts all day, even now in stuffy warm weather condition mid summertime, I wouldn't have thought it is possible even.
    Also the tip with the brow pen and how to use it? – amazing results, I have never tried a brow pen like that and it works great and gives a completely different, much more natural look to the brows.
    One tip wasn't for me though. I am very fair, like Snow White fair, and my chest is even a little fairer than my face, so I always have to use very light shades of foundations and tints, if I go only one slight shade darker, I simply look like a carrot head 😉 So this tip really only works for women when they indeed have a darker shade on their chest, but not everyone has.

  6. What a great video Dominique! I feel like I don't look as good wearing makeup as we I did when I was younger but you make me change my mind about that! I am going a bit darker with my hair and going to make a few tweaks in my makeup application. You look beautiful, thanks so much!!;)

  7. Thx to you I quit wearing mascara on lower lashes several years ago. I'm 65 and needed that tip! Thank you D!!

  8. That's me! age 80 this year, blessed with pretty good skin. I won't go as dark as you do on the upper eyelid though. Otherwise, I love your "right" side look.

  9. I would love to see you do a group color analysis (you, Audrey, Courtney and Ioana). Hopefully you would all be a different season ❄️winter-🌸spring-☀️summer-🍁autumn)

  10. Hello Dominique from the UK! This was fascinating – everything you did with the eye makeup on the "wrong" side is an exact copy of what I've been doing for years! Im going to definitely try and copy what you did on the "good" side, I can see now where Ive been going wrong! Xx

  11. Dominique! Love your videos! I'm just curious: why did you switch to the Catrice face primer, when in a previous video you were advocating Thank me Later? Is it because Catrice is more environmentally friendly? If so, great choice! Thank you so much for all your inspiring videos 💕

  12. Been watching for years and so far I've liked this video the best! Learned a lot. Thank you.

  13. Great video!!! I miss your tutorials and am so happy to see this! If you want to make over this 44 year old tired mom of four, I’m located up in Kingwood and willing! 😊

  14. We are same age and you reminded me of some mistakes I am making.. thank you for this video🌺

  15. Very helpful. Perhaps consider doing a similar walk-through in regard to clothes. What we are wearing that ages us and show a better idea. Thank you!

  16. Hi Dominique, great vlog, I definitely gained so much. Your amazing with your style and output for us. Thanks so much, 57 year old here, living on the Gold Coast, QLD. Xox

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