Learn how to do the swing cut.

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20 Replies to “Swing Cut – MAGIC TUTORIAL”

  1. So many people in the comments being assholes, yeah, a swing cut is super basic, literally not even a trick, but it's good to check stuff like this out and get back to the basic everyone once in a while

  2. Creativity needs cooldown,you see.He's trying to not make you disappointed by uploading videos.Although indeed he is trying to sell his card too,but the good side is,he's trying to upload videos,maybe he thinks his subscribers want more videos.Thinking of a magic trick is not easy,believe me.Most magic tricks use similar method.Misdirection,deceiving and special tools.Other than that are card tricks with skill using hands.And that's why thinking of somethong new,something great,is hard.And a magician shouldn't,and usually wouldn't reveal all his tricks.Appreciate his effort,trying to upload videos for his people.

  3. jesus christ i cant believe that took you 2:30 to explain. i could explain it in 4 languages and 5 different camera angles ina bout 15 seconds.

  4. hey guys go check out Jakebradymagic's channel, its awsome he does giveaways everyweek prettymuch, lots of tutorials and preformances, go subscribe to him, Thanks

  5. Guys, can you follow me on instagram a_cards_companion i am still a ten year old. I will follow back

  6. Ha jaric did u know your dissapering man prank was on the tv show now you see it

  7. Jarek, I think you should upload performances on this channel to make up for the lack of tutorials. I, and probably many others, would enjoy seeing you do more performances.

  8. Hey Jarek or anyone I saw a video were this guy did the shake change with the same hand as the deck. Can anyone tell me how to do it or show me a video? Thanks in return.

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