15 Replies to “Black Out 2: Choke from Crucifix”

  1. I have to say I've never seen this choke before, very cool and inventive. If you wanted to use this offensively, could you go into it the same way you'd do an armbar from side control? Or does this move absolutely rely on them attempting to bridge and using the crucifix?

  2. Can you get there from the spiderweb, or is it too difficult to get any kind of angle on the neck?

  3. hey im in australia and the refs over here are insanely strict on neck cranks. sometimes even stupid (eg in under 16s u cant pull on the head with a triangle.) i was hoping someone could elaborate if this cranks the neck at all. even if it does a little bit il not chance it in a comp. but il still try it in training

  4. Ari much props to you for your work ethic, bro every time I hear of a new move , and I want to see how it is done you are the one showing how to do it, You are officially my new instructor.

  5. @neverscared92 why would it not work in gi? its actually easier in gi, just think about it, have you ever grappled before?

  6. @Submissions101 I just wanted to say thanks for all the videos…Greats subs with easy and clear instruction..I usually try to get one down a week so i can try them when i go to the gym.9 times out of 10 i can hit them..Im deff gonna try this variation..Keep up the great work.

  7. If anyone can couldnt someone find or locate me to a website or a youtube video so see what routine Eddie Bravo does for stretching for Rubber gaurd.

  8. true that. it's also easy to get into off an attempted single leg. just summersault over the guy's back and grab the other arm on the way over.

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