DIY Solar Pool Heater – Part 4

Building a 4×4 DIY Passive Solar Pool Heater for our 21-foot above ground pool. This is Part 4 of the video series and includes adding the electronic speed control for the flow of the water as well as hose hook-ups to the pool. Good results so far, but looking forward to experimenting with flow rates and materials. Thanks for watching!

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Part and tools featured in this video:
12 Volt Seaflo Pump (
5/8 ID Hose 25ft (
Cable Guard Box (
12 Volt Relay (
Drok Buck/Boost Converter (
15 Amp PWM Motor Speed Pump (
Adjustable Voltage Bench Power Supply (
Renogy 50-Watt Solar Panel (
T-300 Stainless Thermometer (

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12 Replies to “DIY Solar Pool Heater – Part 4”

  1. Is there any fear with electric shock with the bilge pump in the pool, if there was ever a short? I know the voltage is low, so likely okay. Just curious on yours and anyone else's thoughts on the matter?

  2. Check this guy: I think adding to the thermal mass by using the aluminum cans like he did is a good idea No data from me, but I think breaking the panel into two (second) would give you twice the solar surface area. Mine is not in service yet, but I used 1×4's and 1" alum foil covered foam for all inner surfaces. I like you hold down clamps and will get some. I cut a sheet of 1/2" plywood in half, so I have two units. Also, watch Sergiy's channel who does quite a bit of analysis in Ukraine at a similar latitude; very interesting tests and data: I also intend to use pump bypass pressure to avoid a separate system, and mount on the roof of the garage (south facing). Lowes has ultra cheap flat black generic spray paint for $1 a can. My system is using the corrugated polycarbonate panels which are two feet wide, with the corrugated end foam seals. Keep us informed of your advances 🙂

  3. Great video. I’ll be making one as soon as all my parts arrive and I’ll be using it with the solar cover on.

  4. great video, I will like to build a passive system with out the pump !! hot water will always rise above cold water, not sure how will that turn out.

  5. So we don't need more than one panel? No advantage to adding more panels? It would be nice to only need one panel.

  6. Hi mate it is safety to run this seaflo 500 Bilge pump in swimming pool when someone is in side ..and also which tipe of solar panel do you use .. and how long can it stay the pump running in the water … thank you

  7. I feel like my good high quality solar cover does a better job. Thanks for the video, you talked me out of making one of these.

  8. Good job, saw one with reflecting foil instead of black paint in the housing – which one has the better result? Guess the foil will reflect some more sunlight to the hose which makes it even better. What is your experience? Thanks

  9. great job!!!!! Maybe use black tubing (not clear tubing ) to and from pump to keep water hot. Gray electric box does not look waterproof missing gasket on door. thanks for posting

  10. Loved the video…very interesting and informative….I was wondering…what if you added a "hot" water storage tank. Circulate it through the hose store it into a tank…then feed it into the pool?

  11. Couple of things you might think of. Efficiency of a 90ºbend is low. eliminate them. Why not use black hose going in to the pool. gain slightly more solar energy. One thing I tell my engineers, anyone can make something complicated. Simple photo sensor turning pump on when sun is out should suffice. Manual flow regulation, easy and reliable. MUCH less expensive. You never gave an overall pool delta temp. Sure you show the 80ºF out of the unit but with that large body of water what was the delta? Probably the single most important data point because everyone is making heaters to adjust the overall pool temp. Would def like to see 100foot tubing data. and of course the pex.

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