23 Replies to “BRILLIANT Dollar Tree Kitchen Hacks… that WORK! #shorts”

  1. Are you aware these cheap affordable container contain heath destroying properities. Convenient yes, healthy No.

  2. All these videos of organizing a phenomenal pantry are nice. But the fact is most people do not have a small room that's designated as a pantry. What about us that just have kitchen that won't hold a dozen canisters, etc.? That's the real challenge – in my cabinets the storage containers would eat up most of the space.

  3. Put all of your non-food, simple, refined carbohydrates, that are disease promoting, in these sure-fresh containers. Or dried beans, brown rice, oatmeal…complex, slow-burning carbohydrates.

  4. Organization makes me so happy!! Containers and label makers, and I’m in heaven 😁 my husband thinks I’m nuts!!

  5. My daughter and I are renting a very small house. In fact, all the houses in the neighborhood and environs are very small, and I don't even think some of these containers would even fit in them, sadly.

  6. Ok I love the idea of zip tying the baskets to the plant rollers! Brilliant!

  7. You have any tips for a tiny kitchen? I have open cabinets and only under the counter.

  8. These little plastic dishes are ideal in your bench stand for anything you put in there then when it gets messy you clean them out one by one and not have everything all junk together.

  9. I would love to do this but, my DT doesn't have any of the items you mentioned…🙄

  10. I have never seen so much junk food in individual packaging. What a waste. Not really that economical or good for the environment

  11. I really don’t buy enough highly processed foods for that. I could put some oats and different grains and dried fruit in jars, that’s about it lol. And maybe organize my spices a bit ? I can’t fathom having a pantry that big but that’s just me, I’m sure I’m weird for that 🤔

  12. I love your ideas and videos. I’m on a fixed income and am in the process of reorganization my kitchen then one room at a time. So thank you soooo much. God bless

  13. MAKE MORE SHORTS!!!! Love you 😘 and you are totally enough! Love you again!

  14. These are all wonderful ideas. I WISH I had the kitchen these would work in. Please consider doing something for small kitchen spaces. I have minimal cabinet space. Also, my Cabinets were built in the 70’s, so no special pull outs or drawers. Any suggestions? Or maybe videos I have missed? Btw, Im from NC too!❤️

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