Brisket on Geraldene – My custom Mill Scale offset trailer smoker

Texas style brisket on an offset smoker. The Texas BBQ cooked the old school way by a Texan. Wood, fire & meat. No shortcuts, no electronics, no gimmicks. Just patience. And maybe a fair amount of cold beer….

In this recipe and video we smoke brisket on my Mill Scale 529 gallon offset smoker. However, this recipe can be replicated on a pellet smoker, kamado, kettle or any sort of cooker than you have with an indirect cooking as well.
Why is the smoker named Geraldene? The first people I cooked for on this smoker were Miranda Lambert, Jon Randell & Jack Ingram. Together they wrote the song Geraldene. These lyrics from the song are bolted on the smoker “You’re trailer park pretty, but you’re never gonna be Jolene.”

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10 Replies to “Brisket on Geraldene – My custom Mill Scale offset trailer smoker”

  1. Geraldine. I’d have never guessed. I’ve got a buddy that has taught me a ton about bbq. He has a Lang. Miniature version of yours. 300 gallon I think. Reverse flow unit but it’s awesome!!!

  2. Maaaannnnn!!!! Be Happy to have a Fold Over with that One!! Love it Matt ????????????

  3. "Repetition is the mother of skill." Repeat brisket cooks and videos, there's always something new to learn! Keep 'em comin'!

  4. 44 farms or not, thats a small ass brisket bro, trim or no trim.. no disrespect

  5. You always have great videos one question Matt if you are a small family can you eat what you can and freeze the rest if so would you cut it up or leave it whole when freezing?

  6. Awesome. I'm going to get a brisket for this weekend! Thanks for the videos. So inspiring!

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