British Cooks Taste Test Sri Lankan Food & Cooking Methods!! | Sorted Food

In today’s episode, we deep dive into all things Sri Lankan cooking with our good friend Karan from Hoppers London! Cooking methods, interesting ingredients & much more, we explore it all!

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26 Replies to “British Cooks Taste Test Sri Lankan Food & Cooking Methods!! | Sorted Food”

  1. Just wanted to thank people in the comments for highlighting that the upload date for this video coincided with Mullivaikkal Remembrance Day – a massively important day for the Tamil people. This wasn’t something we were previously aware of and the timing of the launch was completely coincidental.

    Whilst we never seek to be political in celebrating food from around the world, we always strive to point out right from wrong where we can – hopefully this small insight into Sri Lankan cooking ingredients and methods can help to celebrate and honour all the people of this great country. 🇱🇰 J

  2. I was hoping wattalapam would be made with the syrup. Delicious dessert that is a must try!

  3. I think it would be interesting to see them use the d&d heros feast cookbook

  4. Couldn’t resist bought a full day pass for tomorrow , had a shitty week and could some sorted happiness and chaos , so excited!!

  5. WOW, you couldn't open a restaurant in Brighton could? Pleeeeeeease!!

  6. I absolutely love this video! I went on a trip to Sri Lanka a couple years ago, and they by far had the BEST food I've ever eaten!!! This video takes me back to those delicious flavours 🙂

  7. I have a great idea that would be a scheduling nightmare: Pass it On: All Chefs Edition. If you can get Karan and Poppy and James all free at the same time, it would be a work of art. Then you can have them also react to some crap gadgets as well!

  8. Lower GI (Glycemic index) doesn't mean it's healthy; your body will still convert it to glucose; just slower.

  9. The question is: If we go to Hoppers do we get fed by Karan like Ben did? 🤣😂

  10. Great video all around and hopefully can raise some money to help out people in need.

  11. Hoppers or Appam as they’re called in Kerala originated in South India and later migrated to Sri Lanka. I’m sure it’s a culinary staple in Sri Lanka and a part of their tradition as well but it’s really not something “unique” to the country and it certainly wasn’t introduced there.

  12. It fun and intrigue to say that 90% of this are same in Indonesia and Filipina.

  13. So good seeing all this amazing sri lankan stuff I grew up with as a kid being featured more

  14. It continues to astound me how many different foods are in the world and how different culture just make their own and run with it and other cultures just don't even think about making the same food. It blows my mind. Very cool

  15. Next time put the coconut shavings in a cheese cloth and wring the liquid out.

  16. Coconut is meant to be ground using a gadget that could kill Ben at any moment.

  17. Barry's reaction to the 2nd, I just can't, I can't stop laughing

  18. Aaahh…He said "Bowl Shaped Pancake" …not what I heard the 1st 3 times 🙂

  19. Thank you Sorted n Hoppers for also highlighting the stuggle in Sri Lanka. It's been a rough patch that just keeps growing by the looks of it but the people are certainly resilient. The food is incredible and a must try! Maybe Sorted can do another exotic ingredient/ technique pass it on 😁

  20. Honestly this just warms my heart! Food is such a big part of culture there. I still remember having curd and treacle on the first day back at my grandparents’… sooo yum.

    You guys are incredible for supporting the situation there. I really hope you can visit Lanka one day. You’ll have the most amazing time! ❤️

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