Building a Next-Level Camera

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Can this old lens become legendary? I think it can!

Want to make one of these yourself? Download pack link coming soon.

28 Replies to “Building a Next-Level Camera”

  1. “Wholesome food?” Have you seen the offerings of this company that’s changed direction to including junk foods in their offerings?

  2. Can you post a clip of this on Instagram? I need to share it to my followers please I beg you

  3. Is there any way we could miniaturize this. Like using smaller lense and stuff to use as a mobile accessorie. That would be cool. But i hardly doubt it since this whole thing is only possible because of the lense.

  4. Man you have to make a collab with @Mathieu Stern!!! He likes and masters weird lenses!

  5. This is super amazing! Since you are already using fresnel lenses to redirect light, can you just remove the translucent film in the middle? Also, can we repurpose any large format camera just by placing two fresnel lenses in front and behind of the focus/framing glass (not sure what is that thing called)?

  6. The results looks so trippy that it's looks like it's a chroma work with a fake background.

  7. Every project you achieve is so innovative and great looking. You're a great inspiration. Thanks

  8. Just wanna say hello fresh is excellent, really helped me and my wife with meal planning and our diet

  9. This is an amazing project, if I had the 3d Printer to do it, I'd very likely build one too. Thanks for being such a great inspiration Matt.

  10. Amazing. I didn‘t think it would turn out so well. It seems like you always get your 3d parts right first try too!

  11. This was a treat to just watch. Speechless and fascinated. Feels like having watched a Star Wars movie…

  12. Absolute masterclass. As a photographer for a few years I would be suprised if you wouldnt get some calls from hollywood studios to deliver a few such lenses.

  13. I’ve tried this before but could never figure out the vignetting. The use of the fresnel lenses is brilliant. Definitely going to improve my existing project. Thank you for the inspiring video and great project! I’m enjoying your videos a lot!

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