Let’s Make Food To Go Inside Our Mini Brands Boxes And Our Own Frozen Moment Minis!

By Request: Since I can’t find my own Mini Brands Frozen Moment Minis let’s DIY our own and make fun miniature food items to go inside the empty mini brands boxes! Join us for an all new vid on YouTube at MyFroggyStuff


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19 Replies to “Let’s Make Food To Go Inside Our Mini Brands Boxes And Our Own Frozen Moment Minis!”

  1. I feel your pain on finding mini brands! I've had to resort to looking for them online so I can pick and choose them because my stores never have them. Or, if they do, I wind up with like 5 of one item, usually one I don't want at all. lol I love how you made little items to actually go inside the boxes – the insides are the best part! I absolutely love the Cheez-Its! I can taste them now! And that frozen moment is epic! Plus, it's actually the right size whereas the Zuru ones can be a little large for 1/6 scale. I love this video and would love to see more!

  2. Of course we love these type of videos. When's the next life in the shelf coming????

  3. Toya can you make a mini Toya where she where she goes shopping please 😁

  4. Kid Danger: wearing his big trucker pup outfit to be honest with you, I think that the collector's case is waste of bits! I mean, really. You can probably find the uses his wings "exclusives" in the 5 surprise balls if you are super lucky!

  5. I love watching you create things. You always remind me of a doll family I had way back when called "The Sunshine Family" the set encouraged you to create for the dolls. It's a nice reminder to see the things you come up with!

  6. Hey – Could you make some disability accessories – like possibly a cane or blood sugar monitor – possibly even other medical stuff – I have a lot of medical issues so making them for my dolls would be amazing – thank you

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