Building A Small Income Property | Part 41

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In this video series the Perkins crew will be building a small accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on Jaime‘s property! This property is a double lot and already has one Airb&b income property and space for one more! The key to this property being a successful business venture will be building it on a $100,000 budget and getting it done as quick as we can!

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12 Replies to “Building A Small Income Property | Part 41”

  1. Ray and Jay really are the stars of the show, especially Jay. Eric and Jamie are brains that allow the show to happened at all.

  2. I love how Erik was like "this drill is too loud, pass me that loud af impact". Problem solved bub

  3. So excited to see that hood all painted up. Jamie you are very talented! Thanks for all the awesome videos Erik! Love watching them.

  4. What happened to video series regarding your friends house remodel job?

  5. Never understood the barn quilt fad. Looks tacky imo but ppl seem to love the

  6. Yes out of whack audio…. But only in my TV…. Worked perfect on iPhone

  7. Hit that epoxy with a heat gun to get out all the bubbles. Not telling you what to do or how to do it! Much love from Arkansas! ❤✌️

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