Building Complete Three-Watch Collections With Single Brands – Tissot, Seiko, & Hamilton

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In this video, I take three leading watch brands in the attainable space and create complete three-watch collections within the confines of each brand’s collections. You might not necessarily want to collect in exactly this way, but it’s an interesting way to highlight the incredible breadth coming from each of these three brands. What would be your ultimate attainable three-watch collection?

Watches Featured:
Tissot Seastar 1000:
Tissot Seastar 2000:
Tissot Gentleman:
Tissot PRX:
Tissot Le Locle:
Tissot Chemin des Tourelles: A link needs to be added.
Seiko Speedtimer SSC813:
Seiko Samurai SRPE37:
Seiko Turtle SPRD43:
Seiko Alpinist SPB121:
Seiko Cocktail Time SRPB43:
Hamilton Chrono H:
Hamilton Khaki Field Murph 38mm:
Hamilton Intra-Matic Champagne:

Videos Mentioned:
Tissot Gentleman vs. Tissot PRX:


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0:00 – Intro & Organization
1:29 – Tissot
5:57 – Seiko
11:58 – Hamilton

13 Replies to “Building Complete Three-Watch Collections With Single Brands – Tissot, Seiko, & Hamilton”

  1. Is it me or is hamilton watches are really worth the money, but very underwhelming for me. It may be due to its design and also finishing.

  2. Teddy, please make a video on Norqain! I have two now and they are just exceptional.

  3. I believe Longines to be the best brand to build a complete collection:
    Special occations dress watch: Conquest heritage
    Everyday dress watch: 34mm new master collection moonphase
    Everyday watch: spirit
    Chrono: big eye
    Diver: legend diver
    Take out 2 and you can make a 3 watch collection

  4. A great Video Teddy. Keep up The good Work. Three great brands that don’t break the bank.

  5. Teddy, all throughout the video you observe that a watch wears smaller or larger then its diameter based on its lug to lug length. Can you explain when does a watch wear larger or smaller? Is there a ratio you use?

  6. SAME OLD SAME OLD – come one Teddy Bear – your contents are so repetitive.
    Title of the vids just changed a bit, but the watch contents are the same 🙁

    This is from my view ya – watching your vids – some vids are great others are just repetitive,

  7. Seiko Spb143, Hamilton Intra matic and Tissot Gentleman is a killer 3 watch collection for < $5k.

  8. You changed the bracelets and straps at the beginning of your videos; it was nice to see the same watches of other sites in a different way; get back to it. Nice video again.

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