Building Kitchen Base Cabinet Carcass with Super EASY Drawer Method

TEMPLATE: Here’s the free universal template for any width base cabinet that you can use to create almost any straight base cabinet:

CONFIGURATOR: The configurator can be used to have your plywood shipped to you precut

EDGE BANDING: The front plywood edges of a frameless cabinet need to be finished. If you use Shelf Help, the plywood pieces come prefinished with factory edge banding.

DOORS: I built my own doors but didn’t want to show the tutorial until we make sure they don’t warp out on us. Basically just a 1×4 frame pocket holed together and then routered out the back side and inset 1/4″ plywood. For now, recommending ordering doors, I’ve used Barker Door and Cabinet Now, both are reasonably priced and great.

DRAWER FACE: I designed this cabinet so the drawer face is just a 1×6. I used poplar.

HARDWARE/PAINT/HINGES ETC: The template has this information

12 Replies to “Building Kitchen Base Cabinet Carcass with Super EASY Drawer Method”

  1. Thank you Ana and Jacob for showing people how easy cabinet building really is. People are paying way to much money for custom built cabinets.

  2. Love the website and designer, but its about the same price as bare cabinets from my local menards:( I was looking for a more affordable option if Im doing the work to put them together

  3. I always wondered why no one thought to do drawer slides and the actual building of drawers this way. Thanks for showing just how to do it this way !
    I want to build my own kitchen cabinets and add a few of the cabinets with toe kick drawers. This will make it the easiest way to do that. I really didn't want to add all the drawer slides after the cabinets were installed . This will make my life so much easier
    And your tutorials are the reason I went into woodworking years ago. You made it so fun to do . Thank you !

  4. The first half of the book is everything about wood: types, tools, finishes, setting up shop etc. The second half is all about doing projects for inside and outside of the home. The color pictures are helpful. After reading a dozen of these types of books, this is probably the best overall (layout, color photos, plans). Only detraction is that many of the projects use a table saw/router/planer, which are usually expensive and take up space, so the plans are less friendly to newcomers and the budget conscious. But I know I can use a drill, circular saw or a jigsaw to make the projects.

  5. It looks good from the outside and is easy as many say. But there is a downside, and that is, pardon my adjectives, it is a cheap cabinet and it will not last with any use. Nailing or gluing a bottom on the bottom of a drawer frame is not a quality process. Anything of weight in the drawer will soon loosen the bottom and it will fall out. All drawer bottoms must be installed in dados (slots) at least on the sides and front members of the drawer. I would also never put a drawer together with pocket screws. A lap joint or dovetail is the preferred method of joining. I know I know, it take more work. But on a DIY project, do you just want to be done like a cheap cabinet maker making a profit selling junk to a big box store, or do you want to be proud of your work? For smaller DIY projects, you want to learn how to do it right and you want a product you can be proud of. The goal is not to just be done. So it takes an extra week to finish your kitchen remodel by doing a quality job, it is worth it! Dados, rabbits, glue, clamps, edge finishing, quality hardware, and time are the components of quality cabinets.

  6. Anna, I have kitchen cabinets that are very outdated. There was a router design carved into my cabinet doors. I plan on covering that with wood putty and letting it dry then sanding the door down till it smooth but I wanted to put thin wood around the outside of the door to make it look like shaker style cabinets. What type of wood would you recommend I use? Also, what type of paint should I use? Some say to use oil base paint other say the best is acrylic. What is your recommendation? Thank you for everything and as always I love your videos. It’s always fun to watch your children. Grow into.

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