Busting the 20 Worst BAKING MYTHS!

What other Food Myths should I try??
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I had so much fun #testing all of these #baking #myths! Some of them were busted but some of them were surprisingly True! I had never tried these tips and tricks before and couldn’t believe how much one of them will save me so much time in the kitchen!

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25 Replies to “Busting the 20 Worst BAKING MYTHS!”

  1. Busting more FOOD MYTHS! Would you try any of these? What other Myths should I try busting next???

  2. Lately I've discovered that cake mix cookies are way better if you substitute the vegetable oil with coconut oil (and maybe a tablespoon of water). It's amazing the difference it makes for the dough.

    So far I've only tried it with the pineapple cake mix (rolled in coconut flakes!) and cherry chip cake mix (with tons of mini chocolate chips!).

  3. In your last video when you did food myths and made the Oreo cake you put to much milk. I have made it before and put half the milk you put and it worked. i would put a splash mix and add more until a thick texture. also i learned that cinnamon roll floss trick in a baking class, and i loved it.

  4. I have only ever jiggled the yolks out with my hands like twice. I will always always alwaysss use the water bottle. Just make it one movement. You have to make sure you get the egg the first time or it'll break but it works for me every single time.

  5. The eggshell trick feels like it'd be better, dirtied hands don't get in food, and if it's a hot pan, you have a lesser chance of burning yourself

  6. Can definitely confirm the mayo and cake mix being a thing, it was common place for people to use mayo as an ingredient back in harder times like WW2 since things like oil and eggs were being rationed and people often had mayo in their pantries. Learned this lil tidbit from my late gran! :3

  7. I so want her to get started with that s’more cupcake idea for the upcoming summer🤩😋


    if you agree copy and paste! 👩‍🍳

  9. Although soda pop cakes are very crumbly, its a GREAT substitution for eggs! I have a childhood friend who is allergic to eggs, so for her birthday we would always make sprite cake! Using sprite instead of eggs 🙂

  10. Love the cake mix with the oil and eggs we used devils food cake mix and we got some cheese cream icing and put it in between two cookies and called them “Oreos” they were delicious! But didn’t taste like Oreos even though we called them that 😂

  11. When I make the cookies I use 1/3 cup of oil and it creates a less greasy and stiffer like dough more like chocolate chip cookie dough

  12. My family used Coca-Cola with chocolate mix and Sprite with vanilla when my brother first was told he had an egg allergy. My mom has since bettered her recipe but this was great when we were first learning how to work around using eggs.

  13. For the first cake batter myth, it's a very common camping dessert. You add 1 16oz can of pie filling, one can of soda and one box of cake mix into a foil lined dutch oven and cook over hot coals for about an hour or until done. (We call it a dump cake. Sugary, tastes good, but nothing fancy)

  14. i don’t bake so i’m curious on what you can do to make the cake / soda a little bit less moist and hold better?

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