BUBLIK, the bagel of Eastern Europe – How to make

A bublik is a bread. More like a pastry. Is a circle with hole in middle. Tastes good and is considered a pastry. Goes well with anything, even mayonnaise or jam. Without these, a party is not a party. They are something similar to a new york bagel, from what i have heard. Today i show you how to make them.

25g live yeast
2 eggs
half cup of water
two cups wheat flour (will need more later)
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp salt
poppy seeds for covering

boil for 30sec each side
then put in oven at 180c/360f for 12 minutes

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26 Replies to “BUBLIK, the bagel of Eastern Europe – How to make”

  1. This is peak eastern european entertainment right here! Better than dashcam video compilation

  2. This really isn't being pushed out. Algorithm for shame! Boris is friend!

  3. i still love your videos boris but man it feels like you arent being yourself anymore and trying to be what is successful

  4. My cooking knowledge is nearly exclusively from this channel and it's never let me down, great work as always!!! 👍

  5. 0:10 The glorious and somewhat scary sound of a slav in pain. I laugher because I do stupid shit like this sometimes too when I cook.

  6. "A Bublik is not sweet ir salty, it just izzz"
    A special quote from a special slav

  7. A salty bublik sounds like it's just a pretzel with the salt *inside*, honestly, very smart idea, i've never thought of it before. Over here in the west, there's a chain of pretzel shops called "Aunt Anne's" which serves hot soft pretzels with salt on top. Love grabbing one occasionally when I take trips to the mall, but i've never considered making one.
    This recipe sounds like it'd scratch that itch for some salty buttered baked goods.

  8. Editing a bit too fast paced, i say that with all respect and perhaps it's of use to you. People would sit and watch you and the crew make Bublik for hours so no need to cut it all up and fit into 9 mins max.

  9. хотел давно заценить бэйгл в Москве, но цены честно говоря адовые. от 430р.
    А тут вроде тоже самое получается и просто и не очень долго делать! Спасибо, Борис!
    Чебуреки по твоему рецепту были отпад!

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