Everything you need to make the same quilt!

Jordan Fabrics is a team of 35 people, including Matt, Donna, and their son James Jordan. We film, edit, cut, and sew everything you see right here in our Oregon workshop. Matt spends most of the day making very unique hand cut quilting kits, If you love sewing and quilting, but don’t love the cutting, our fully pre-cut quilt and table runner kits are made for you! Visit to view our full inventory and learn more about our kits, fabrics and pre-cuts.

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  1. Hello, I' am sewing since the beginning of the pandemic – therefore I' m still searching my way of making my projects better.
    Is there any need to make the last step with this professionell sewingmachine? I haven't not this possibility and now I' m a little bit uncertain what to do.
    I thank you very much for this video, you have made a dream becoming true – so lovely.
    Best wishes from Germany

  2. Donna, once again a wonderful pattern and the colours are beyond words,, heather from way down under in Melbourne Australia

  3. I've been so very busy with my elderly mum (93!)…who has gone to higher care- no quilting since Dec!…now I have time to wacth again! Thank you for your amazing work and constant smiles!..always love your quilts…(PS: I'd love to be totally digitised, that is, sell every single quilting book, and only do the youtubes ones!, but I'm not game as yet!) you are so encouraging-thanks <3. from Brisbane😀😊

  4. Ma'am, your nails are always on point! Thoroughly enjoy your tutorials.

  5. I would have never given this pattern a second look and once again you have shown me that it's an amazing pattern

  6. I absolutely love this with the black background. You always do a great job. Thanks for inspiration.

  7. WOW!!! I was in doubt about using all the black but I was wrong ! It really came out beautiful.

  8. Idea! That 'rainbow' print fabric would be great for "Backing"…then one can free motion the quilt from the back on their domestic machine…and just follow the rainbows!

  9. I love the videos and the latest quilt, but I do find the music in the background a bit irritating – is it just me? 😊

  10. Is there a way to keep your steam iron from getting mucky build up inside it?

  11. I had read that Donna had passed away. Is what we are seeing reruns and dated on the day of the rerun? If it is true that Donna has died, I am very sorry. She is a wonderful teacher and has ignited my desire to quilt again. Thank you for this wonderful program.

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