Perfectly Poach 6 Eggs All At Once?

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Making breakfast for a crowd? Let’s test a method that cooks all of those eggs at the same time. #emmymade

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00:00 Intro
00:18 Sponsorship
1:46 Explaining the process.
2:28 Inspirations.
2:14 Inspiration shout outs.
3:42 Bringing water to temperature.
5:10 How to choose fresh eggs.
6:21 Straining the eggs.
7:20 Vintage egg coddler.
8:10 Pouring in the eggs.
10:08 How to hold the eggs for later.
10:45 How to rewarm a poached egg.
11:01 Money shot.
11:54 My favorite way to season a poached egg.
12:28 Tasting.

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15 Replies to “Perfectly Poach 6 Eggs All At Once?”

  1. There is synthetic coloring that they give the chickens, with 15 different varying shades of yellow and orange, to color the yolks. It gives the impression of having more nutrients. The deeper the color orange, the more vitamin A you get and it would be higher in zeaxanthin carotenoids. If the egg yolks are more yellow they are higher in lutein carotenoids. Both of these carotenoid pigments help to improve eye health, but now that they dye them…it's harder to tell what benefits you'll get just by looking at them.

  2. I heard about this method many years ago in Martha Stewart Living magazine and I prefer it for family brunches!

  3. it's so crazy how they don't clump together in the water!! I never thought they'd turn out that great 😀

  4. I'm very surprised I didn't know about the Julian calendar dating. Thank you for that information.

  5. My Hispanic raised Mom made soft boiled eggs with the water in a bowl and steamed the egg.

  6. Hello, Emmy.

    I'd love to see you cook Norway's National Dish. It's the easiest thing in the world that almost does itself.

    But…more interesting would it be to watch you eat it!! 😆

    The dish is "Får i kål".
    (Sheep) Lamb in cabbage.
    – High walled casserole.
    – Lamb casserole meat with fat and bone.
    – Cabbage in "boats".
    – Salt and whole black pepper.

    Layers :
    – Meat, bone/fat side down.
    – Cabbage boats.
    – Salt and whole pepper.
    ….Repeat the layers 'til casserole is full. Salt and pepper between each layers of meat and cabbage. Half a liter of water…some use boiling
    water. Not necessary. Cook for 2 1/2, preferably 3 (or even more) hours.

    Serve with big boiled potatoes on a hot plate.

    Beer and aquavit.

  7. I used to have to make 300 poached a day on the wkds eggs in a makeshift bath above a burger grill….fffff

  8. Emmy, I really enjoyed your "hard times" series as well as your "two ingredient bagels" and "potato syrup" videos. I know you're not a "budget meal" channel, but I'm wondering if you could do a series trying out recipes that make replacements for common ingredients that are going up for people who are knew to DIY'ing food. Examples might be bread or bagels or honey. Foods that cost more right now, if that makes sense.

  9. as someone who’s just gotten into the experience of poaching eggs, i don’t understand why people need to complicate the process by straining out the other whites, swirling the water around, putting each egg in a tiny bowl, and so on.

    legit all you really do is just put a few inches of water and some vinegar in a pan, heat it up to a simmer, crack your eggs open like normal, then wait a few minutes until your desired doneness. you don’t have to needlessly worry about the “messy egg whites” because they’ll just keep their shape anyway if you don’t disturb it.

  10. More to the point: how do you keep from wasting from 1/3 to 1/2 of the white when you filter it out? Hope you use it SOMEWHERE.

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