Buy a cheap Walmart table to copy this GENIUS kitchen storage idea!

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17 Replies to “Buy a cheap Walmart table to copy this GENIUS kitchen storage idea!”

  1. I love seeing women doing this! Great ideas BTW.
    It gives the rest of us, who are all thumbs, some real hope!

  2. For the price of those two tables in the supplies, you can find a better quality one on Amazon

  3. I love these ideas! This is the first do it yourself video that I’ve seen just about anywhere that actually has some nice finished products. I’ve gone ahead and subscribed. 👍🏼

  4. I love you're voice!! There's something calming and inspirational about your presentation! Thank you!!

  5. I would question how well that stainless steel paper would hold up on an island. I had a narrow island that was low priced but the right size and had a real stainless steel top. I have a 30+ year old stainless steel sink that is rust free but in 5 years the cheap steel rusted. The contact paper might not rust, but I doubt it will hold up to items being slid across it and maintain it’s shine.

  6. IMHO wood is naturally beautiful and matches everything.
    I really see the gray on everything as the color of the floor in my garage, primer, or the bondo on a wrecked car.
    Uneventful, depressing, and unimpressive. But its trending. So y'all enjoy. ♥️

  7. The person who did the wooden box conversion, the wine bottles should not lay with the cork up, only use screw on caps for this project.

  8. Perfect for Craft rooms. I’m 1/4 inch shy of 5 foot so I need to customize my cutting table!! Thanks!

  9. The metal cart on weals they used for the drink trey, I actually have it, painted red, I'm my kitchen being used as an island right now

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