CABIN RENOVATION. The Old Family Homestead. Part 3

Renovating my off grid cabin in the NH woods.

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Q: How do you have internet at your cabins? A: I have cell service at both cabins but it is spotty due to foliage and cloud cover. I can access the internet from my cabins but have to drive to a local wifi location to upload videos.
Q: How old is Frankie? A: Frankie will be 10 in April of 2018
Q: What video editing software do I use? A: Presently, all I use is Windows Live Movie maker but I’m considering trying imovie, Adobe Elements or SONY VEGAS PRO.
Q: How do you get your water? Did you dig a well? A: Presently, I haul water to the NY cabin but at the NH cabin, I drop a kettle into an old well that was dug by hand by the settlers in the 1700’s.
Q:What is your favorite brand of cast iron cookware? A: I prefer using vintage cast iron. My favorites are BSR and Griswold. If I had to buy new I would buy a Lodge Brand. I plan to purchase this dutch oven in the future:

Q: What do you use for refrigeration? A: We have a small gas refrigerator that we salvaged from an old Shasta camper and a custom icebox that I built into the cabin wall. We make ice on site with a propane freezer.
Video of icebox:
Video of Gas Refrigerator:
Propane Freezer:

Q: What do you use for cooking and heating? A: We use a Kitchen Queen 380 for cooking and heating during the winter months but we also have an antique gas stove in the cabin for when we don’t need the heat from the KQ.

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27 Replies to “CABIN RENOVATION. The Old Family Homestead. Part 3”

  1. Your quite a guy, you’ve made the right choice with the cedar shingles. YOU’VE MADE YOUR DAD PROUD, (once again 💓)!

  2. OMG. It’s amazing that cabin is even still standing. Lol. WTF is right. Lol

  3. Can you do a buying land 101 video in NH. What’s are some of the things to look for? Zoning etc…can any land a cabin can’t be built? Loving you videos

  4. Great video. Binge watching the oldies a second time. Watching your evolution to the present day. Boss, I love it all. Thank you. When times were hard for me during chemo, I would retreat in my mind to either the NY cabin or NH cabin, Thank you, thank you. You are my inspiration still. Upstate Kayte

  5. Nice video Boss, I liked the story about the shingles…I can relate…keep'em comin

  6. Very moving video about your Dad. Brought a tear to my eye. They are always with us, however few are conscious enough to realize or recognize it. Blessings

  7. 3/2/19 Saturday morning and I have cancelled my cable you are my now entertainment. Love it. God Bless.

  8. You have a big project but it will be worth it in the end. God bless you and your cabin.

  9. man that is the best thing you could have done honering his wishes and dreams my hat gose of to you wish i could have spent more time ith my dad but i have to say i had a good step fother

  10. another good store about your dad, I love that. I've watched this video before, but going through and watching the series again. God Bless my friend, keep on, keeping on.

  11. Your Pop would be very proud of you today in completing his initial vision. Another “tick” off the bucket list! Well done & Congrats!!! PS. I have a degree in architecture and design. Not a lot of people understand the stuff going on underneath that house. I completely do. That was crazy insane. They are the most expensive and none gratifying Reno’s to do also. I’m glad you rectified it all. ❤️ this video & keep moving along. 😊

  12. Wouldn't it better to have a 12' enclosed trailer to take everything back and forth, and keep everything dry?

  13. Ae , I'm not Quite old enough to be your mother but I think any parent would be proud of how you turned out. (I'm off to watch some movies or music because you're making me homesick…well you and the fact that there's snow in London in March (London usually gets none but the Siberian weather front that hits Scotland every year has ventured further south (That will wake them up…they reckon minus 6°C….what will they do?? Where I come from minus 26°C or lower is quite common!

  14. Hey Boss, you are one hell of a man. I just found your station and I'm so glad that I did. I watched your first video in this series and now this one. You videos are so authentic and down to earth that I'm actually going to binge watch all the videos in this series. Kudos to you for fulfilling your fathers dreams. God bless him, may he rest in peace. I'm sure that he was a wonderful man seeing that he raised a good son and that he is looking down on you and very proud. God bless you and Frankie (A very cool partner.).

  15. I really enjoy watching you work on your camp, JC!!  I can't do any of this work and it gives me a bit of a good feeling watching you (and Frankie)!!  :o)

  16. brother your living my dream to have a place that is out in the woods if I could only get the wife on board with it but im trying to talk her in to it lol time will tell.

  17. This floor is unbelievable! I would hate to admit that I put those supports in.

  18. I used to jack houses so I enjoyed watching you solve your problems 🙂

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