Can A Bodybuilder Flip: Pt 2 The Backflip

On his first time, Hurk learned how to do a backflip, in these series of events in this video. Most Recent Video: Most Recent Video:

27 Replies to “Can A Bodybuilder Flip: Pt 2 The Backflip”

  1. did he learn that in one day??? It took me about a year to get my tuck, and thats from running roundoff

  2. Hes doing his backflip out of pure strength not technic, so can everyone backflip? Yes but you need to have alot of strength or just learn the technic real good

  3. Anyone know what gym that is?
    I all the sudden want to join. I live in OC, judging by their beach vids I assume it's somewhere in OC

  4. Funny that the bodybuilder did not take off his shirt but the guys who did parkour did lol

  5. Man hurk looks like he knows how to flip already . Like he knows how to do that Jamaican style of fighting when all they do is flip when they kick and do windmills on the floor

  6. You can kinda tell Hurk used to break dance back in the day. Especially in the last video. Great Vid!!

  7. That enthusiasm when he first pulls it off – it's beautiful!

  8. i'm so impressed and afraid of stunts like this.i'm sure physically i am more than capable to do them,however i dont have the equipment or the guts to try!

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