Can Rie Make Rice Krispies Treats Fancy?

Katie challenges Rie to elevate Rice Krispies Treats into something more delicious, decadent, and fun! Spoiler Alert: Rie delivers!

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00:00 Intro
00:55 Fancy Time
01:22 The Road To Fancy
04:52 Let’s Get Fancy
08:53 And We Are Done!
09:12 Fancy Festivities

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26 Replies to “Can Rie Make Rice Krispies Treats Fancy?”

  1. I can’t believe my eyesss 👁👄👁. It’s propably the first time I see Rie not using alcohol in her dishes

  2. Love how they put Rie’s name on the title instead of “can this chef” like before. Keep slaying queen 👸🏻 make it fancy!

  3. Currently suffering from low blood pressure but still watching rie coz she's awesome

  4. Hello🧁 good 🥗morning 🥙Selamlar🌮 Merhaba iyi🥣 günler🌯 dilerim.🤝 Good ☕afternoon🙋‍♀️

  5. Even though I am 24 rie is like my mother, who takes passion in making food. And love to feed others
    Whenever I feel down or sad i just watch your videos rie. Your accent and personality is so much heartwarming.
    Thank you rie.

  6. Editors: I hope you resist sprinting! The pace of content featuring Rie has always been pretty chill, and often nearly meditative. Fans like me definitely love that. No need to hurry 🙂

  7. Frugality is an attractive quality to the majority of the population.Being frugal is about putting your dollars towards the things you care about and not overspending on the things that don't matter.

  8. Interesting. No alcohol? Doesn’t seem like a typical Rie recipe

  9. This would have been prefect to have had at my moms wedding yesterday

  10. Bro is lucky, she got Rice Krispie treats, I got whatever was at my house 🤣, and that’s not to much

  11. This is proof Rie has been living in the US too long and lost her Japanese “tongue.” A real Japanese person would have spat that bite of rice crispie treats out in disgust. 😝

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