Can we Create Barry's 'Dream Menu' from just 13 Questions?

Today we try and create a dream menu for Barry based only on 13 questions… Will he like what the boys come up with?!

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25 Replies to “Can we Create Barry's 'Dream Menu' from just 13 Questions?”

  1. The absolute joy on Barry's face at each bite is delightful to see. At the end, when he takes another bite of the pasta, and he's blown away again. Love to see it.
    There is a certain satisfaction that comes from watching someone that knows and does their job well performing those tasks. Watching Ben cook is like that. I could watch it for ages.
    Mike's exuberance and delight at each stage turning out exactly like he wanted and it tasting so good. chef's kiss

  2. Boys, this is such a creative idea, I loved it. It was so interesting watching you pair it all together and then watch Barry light up as he ate it.
    I want to try this with my own friends now ????

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  4. As Barry seems to get the worst of the teasing it was nice to see you being nice.

  5. I thought Barry was meant to be the pretentious one… and now he’s asking for chips ????

  6. Oh I thought they were recreating a menu he had in a dream ????

  7. Has Ben started a relationship? He was all in on the innuendo today. 😉

  8. Tell Ben the guys are going to do his next, then serve him a big mac and fries 🙂

  9. Weirdly, "spiced rum" as bought from the store seems to mean "extra vanilla." If you want spiced rum that actually tastes like spices, you should throw whichever whole spices you like into whichever rum you like and let them steep for a few weeks.

  10. As a former Bartender for 20 years, why did you not polish the tankard you served the drink in? It looked like it was silver – Pretentious Barry needs a polished tankard.

  11. Do you have a model name for that pasta plate? Would love to have something like that at home. At 13:05, 14:49 for example

  12. Have you ever had someone with allergies that you cooked for? I have allergies to dairy,eggs,and seafood plus can't have high potassium on sodium due to kidney failure. Could you make a menu for that?

  13. I'd love to see Jamie's next, but with the challenge of a very limited amount of meat, see how creative the team can get.

  14. 4:54 not too sure about this new series yet, but the idea behind it, cook for one guest only and try to work int a whole menu what said person likes is interesting.

  15. If I was cooking for Jamie it would be as follows:
    Tempura halloumi fries and a smokey bbq salsa to dip for starter.
    Elk or bison steak, maple cured bacon wrapped asparagus (wrapped individually, not a bundle), deep fried garlic butter mushrooms, a sweet potato mash and a smoked jus gras for main.
    The cocktail would be an old fashioned but just elevated, blood orange bitters, high quality rye whiskey and dark delicious oak honey for sweetness instead of simple syrup.

    Either that or a Wagyu brisket and an IPA ????

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