Candlestick Charting – Vol 13 – Bearish Engulfing Pattern – Candlestick Charting Volume 13 – The Bearish Engulfing Pattern

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  1. Good explanation on Candlestick moves. Do you have any video explaining support and resistent.

  2. Different traders and so called gurus have said to measure from the candlewicks or shadows rather than the body. So, who is freaking correct or is this another bull crap guestimation? I'd like to freaking know and so do many people. That about sums it all up.

  3. Your videos are awesome and by far the highest quality in knowledge and experience. I’ve learned a lot from studying all of them. Thanks for putting them together and giving it away for free too! You’re great!

  4. Do you no any one individual on fx or anyone person who has a good drawdown and good performance who  provides good signals for trading im asking you because i know you been 

    In the tradding community for a while now and im shure you have ran acroos at least one good trader who provides signals you must have bumped into somebody good sir

  5. hi i have  seen a pattern on top of the market where the opening of the red candle and the closing of the  previous green candle are the same price but the red candle closes below the green candle but the green candle has long wick that is much lower than the real body of the red candle is it still valid bearish engulfing pattern ?

  6. Hello, great video, thanks for all the help.

    How long does the uptrend need to be for the bearish engulfing candle to be effective?

    Also, what time frame chart is best for day trading with this strategy?


  7. Great video very helpful! I'm practicing not using any real money at my enters and exits and I'm surprised at how many I'm getting right! Any other technical you could suggest on the chart to include with the candle sticks? Thank you!

  8. Awesome videos- well explained and clearly documented. Learning so much from your expertise and insight. Can you explain – do you base your support and resistance on a longer term chart and then use those on the shorter time frames?

  9. what do u mean when u say bearish engulfing pattern is equivalent to a shooting star? does it mean it following candle turns in shooting star or have same power as shooting star?or I should look for the three of them together?

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