14 Replies to “Chef Reacts to SRI LANKAN Toffee”

  1. Genuinely I'd love to see Karan come back on the show and see a vid of you guys making this.

  2. Am I the only idiot that read it like S-R-I Lankan and wondered what S.R.I. stands for for a minute? My dumbass thought it was something like MRI… -_-

  3. I read coffee and was neat the end when I realized there was no coffee in the video. Lol

  4. A-ha what a coincidence!!! Just made them recently at home.. Came out so good .????????

  5. Would love a Short explaining the quick differences between stove top types!

  6. Looks a lot like "Sucre à la crème" from Québec.
    Of course, the traditional reciepe doesn't include nuts, but many of my aunts do add them in. ^.^

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